House Vocabulary in Spanish: the Bedroom

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People’s bedrooms are their most secret spaces in their homes. They are their personal oasis away from the stressful world outside. 

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up your own bedroom or just want to impress your Spanish-speaking friends, let’s dive into the wonderful world of bedroom vocabulary in Spanish

Let’s start with the vocabulary video of the bedroom vocabulary in Spanish!

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Bedroom vocabulary in Spanish


Drag the words to the correct place:

Memory game:

What is the correct answer?

Bedroom related verbs in Spanish

The bedroom is a place for sleeping and disconnecting after a long day’s work. But there are so many other things we do here on a regular basis. Let’s find out how to say in Spanish all those things.

Spanish English

hacer la cama

to make the bed

deshacer la cama

to unmake the bed

cambiar las sábanas 

to change the sheets


to wake up


to get up


to sleep


to fall asleep

tener problemas para dormir

to have sleeping problems

irse a la cama / acostarse

to go to bed

poner el despertador / la alarma

to set up the alarm

apagar el despertador

to turn off the alarm clock


to rest


to dream


to get dressed


to undress

ponerse el pijama

to put on your pajamas

leer un libro

to read a book

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Look at the images, listen to the pronunciation of the verb that describes the action shown, and try to pronounce it as well.

Choose the correct answers: 

Essential grammar for the house in Spanish

Now that you’re an expert in vocabulary you might want to revise or learn some basic grammar rules you can use with all these new words. 

Find all the essential grammar in the overview post by clicking the link below.

Grammar is explained to you by our Spanish teachers. You can practice with exercises and learn basic vocabulary about the entire house!

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