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“Aprender amplía nuestro mundo.”

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Victoria has a university degree in Language and Literature and specialized in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language because she has always been enthusiastic about transmitting her language and culture! She has been teaching Spanish in language schools since 2016, providing grammar, conversation and DELE exam preparation classes. In her online Spanish classes, she uses motivating activities so you would enjoy learning.

I have a degree in Language and Literature, oriented to Latin American Literature, from the University of Buenos Aires. There I also graduated as a language teacher and, upon discovering my passion for languages, I did a specialization in Teaching Spanish as a second and foreign language. I am also an examiner accredited by the Instituto Cervantes for the DELE exams.

For more than 5 years I have worked as a Spanish teacher for foreigners in Argentina, as well as in different countries where I have travelled. I have specialized in teaching Spanish classes online and it is an experience that I enjoy very much.
I have also taught language and literature classes in schools for children and teenagers, so I have experience teaching Spanish to students of different ages.

My passions are travelling and dancing. I have travelled as a backpacker in different parts of the world and maybe that’s why I like languages so much. I have practised different dances, such as jazz, tap and African dances, but for years I have been dancing and teaching tango.

While travelling in Spain I volunteered and worked as a bilingual assistant (Spanish-English), so I was able to learn a lot about the local culture and exchange with travellers from all over the world. I also did an exchange in Brazil, where I learned Portuguese and, of course, samba dancing!

4 Questions for Victoria

¿Cuál es tu palabra favorita? 🔠

Mis palabras favoritas son el verbo ronronear, porque adoro a los gatos, y el adjetivo tropical, pues me encantan la selva y el mar.

¿Cuál es la mayor locura que has cometido en tu vida? 🤪

Cuando tenía 18 años viajé a Bolivia con mis amigas y acampamos totalmente solas en medio de la llamada “ruta de la muerte”, junto a grandiosos precipicios. 😬

Si pudieras aprender a hacer algo nuevo, ¿qué elegirías?

Me gustaría aprender todas las lenguas del mundo. No solo me gusta enseñar idiomas, sino también aprenderlos.

Algo que siempre llevas contigo. (No vale el móvil) 😆

Siempre llevo un libro conmigo. Si debo esperar, mejor en buena compañía.

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