House Vocabulary in Spanish: the Bathroom

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This post includes:

It might not be the most elegant part of the house, but nobody can deny that it’s fundamental. We’re talking about the bathroom, that private room we all need daily and where we use our phones the most.

In this post, we cover all the vocabulary to talk about the bathroom in Spanish.

You’ll also find many practical exercises to practice all this new content.

Let’s start with the vocabulary video of the bathroom vocabulary in Spanish!

If you want to learn more about the house in general, check the rest of our house vocabulary series:

Basic elements of the bathroom in Spanish

Here you have the most basic vocabulary you might need to describe or talk about bathrooms in Spanish. Pay attention to the spelling and the pronunciation. Are you ready?


Objects you can find in a bathroom

There are many objects we normally store or use in the bathroom. It’s important to learn these words in case you need to go to a store in Valencia or to ask for more towels in a hotel in Colombia.

Let’s expand our bathroom related vocabulary. Read and listen with the following infographic.

If you’re interested in learning the specific vocabulary of the bedroom in Spanish check this blog post.


What are the names of the next bathroom objects in Spanish? Let’s see if you remember them all!

Things we do in the bathroom (verbs in Spanish)

Wether you’re the kind of person who prefers taking a shower in the morning or someone who prefers going to bed at night after a long bath, you need to know the vocabulary in Spanish. Let’s learn some specific verbs and phrases that we use to name all those activities we do in the bathroom.


Useful questions and phrases related to bathrooms

Imagine you are in a Spanish-speaking country and you need to go to the bathroom. They only speak Spanish. Here you have some basic phrases you can use in these kinds of situations.

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Baño María

Did you know that there is a cooking technique called baño (de) María? If you want to learn more about it, you can keep reading here.

Check out our detailed blog post about the Kitchen Vocabulary in Spanish.

kitchen in spanish
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Essential grammar for the house in Spanish

Now that you’re an expert in vocabulary you might want to revise or learn some basic grammar rules you can use with all these new words. 

Find all the essential grammar in the overview post by clicking the link below.

Grammar is explained to you by our Spanish teachers. You can practice with exercises and learn basic vocabulary about the entire house!

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