2-Week Spanish Courses

Unique courses helping you to achieve your next Level of Spanish!

What Makes Our Online Spanish Courses Different?

Have you started a couple of Spanish courses but never finished one?
Do you feel stuck at the same level?

This is a common experience among language learners. You’ll find most Spanish lessons and courses online fall short when it comes to helping you reach all the learning objectives for each level.

They are either mostly live lessons with a teacher or are self-learning lectures. Most courses online teach at the most 4 levels, and you usually have to invest at least 80 hours of your time at the beginner level! If they’re not lacking in content, they often fail by always offering the same, boring exercises and videos so you lose motivation.

However, what if we told you there’s a better way of learning?

Unique Combination of Self-learning, Webinars and, Teacher and Community Support


Ca. 3,5 hours of videos • Articles & (info)graphics • Min. 45 quizzes • App. 15 audio files • Certificate of completion • Approx. 8-10 hours of learning • Resource Sheets ($9 value) • 6 months full access • Min. 2 podcast episodes • Final exam


Have a fun and highly engaging learning experience that allows you to remember and retain what you’ve learnt better. The friendly competition and challenges encourages you to progress through each level of Spanish. With instant feedback, you’ll be on your way to Spanish fluency in no time!


Get special help with difficult content in exclusive webinars. During the two weeks, we hold 3 webinars to help you understand the course content better and advance your learning.


You’re never learning alone. Connect with both your teacher and other class participants. During your course, you’ll have exclusive access to a special group on our community platform that we create exclusively for you, your teacher and your classmates. Engage with others on topics and get answers to all of your questions. We call it social learning.

Become One of Our Happy Students

Don’t take it from us. Read verified reviews from the students that have enrolled in our online courses.

Our courses are different.

1. Unique and proven system

All of our Spanish courses follow a unique system. We call it the “24 Level System to Spanish Fluency® in which we divide the first four levels of the CERT (A1, A2, B1, B2) into 24 more detailed levels.

2. The most precise placement test online

The first aim of our system is to identify which Spanish level you’re actually at. So we developed the most precise placement test on the whole web. Want to know your exact level? Click here to do the free placement test now.

3. Reach the next level in just 2 weeks

With a clearly defined 24 levels, it’s a lot easier for you to ‘level up’. Follow the course through and in just 2 weeks you can reach the next level! Having the next goal always in sight keeps you motivated through the whole journey to Spanish fluency.

4. Mixture of self-study, tutoring and webinars.

We define the learning speed and make sure that you don’t become overwhelmed. Every second day, you’ll get access to new course content for self-studying. Through an online classroom, you’re in constant contact not only with your teacher, but also your other classmates.
To help you improve your speaking skills and pronunciation, your teacher will organize three 45 minute webinars within the 2 weeks.

5. The best learning materials - our own content AND external resources

There’s no way that we can create all the best content on our own. Our team of teachers have invested thousands of hours over the years to find the best online content available. So, we create both our own content and link to external resources.
Each course level contains videos, audio, infographics, text and exercises. All the material is directly linked to the learning goals of each level and has been successfully tested with our students.

6. Qualified and experienced teachers

We only work with our own teachers, who have years of teaching experience both online and at our Spanish school in Tenerife. Our school and the teachers are accredited by the ‘Instituto Cervantes’. They are all certified examiners for the official DELE and SIELE exams.

7. New courses start every 8 weeks

That’s right! We open new courses at every level, every 8 weeks! After finishing the course level, you can proceed with your learning by registering for the next level course.

Reserve Your Spanish Course

Every level has a different starting date. Before reserving your place, you need to know your Spanish level first.

Still Hesitating?

Let us summarize how our courses help you to reach your next level of Spanish:



We offer 24 courses on 24 levels. Shorter levels lead to shorter lectures and better concentration. That makes it easier for you to reach the next level of Spanish and ultimately, Spanish fluency.



Our own material and the external resources contains a selection of the best videos, audio, exercises and quizzes related to the level you are working on.



Every single course level contains at least 12 hours of content to make sure the learning goal is covered sufficiently.



The resource sheets come with clearly stated learning goals that tells you exactly what you can do after completion.



Our teaching system and method, as well as all of our own content and external resources, have been thoroughly tested with our students in class.



The teachers assigned to your course have received the best training you could ask for. On top of that, they all have years of experience teaching Spanish.



During the course, you’re in constant contact with your teacher. As well as correcting your exercises, all other doubts and questions will be answered.



Depending on the combination you select (Bronze, Silver, Gold), you’ll have additional conversational or general live lessons to improve your progress.

Reserve Your Spanish Course

Every level has a different starting date. Before reserving your place, make sure to find out your Spanish level.

Starting Dates

Options & Prices


2-Week Course + 6 weeks access to content
29 $
  • + VAT
  • Resource Sheets
  • Access to Online Course
  • Access to Students Community Group
  • 3 Webinars
  • Final Exam & Certificate


2-Week Course + 6 weeks access to content​
135 $
  • + VAT
  • Resource Sheets
  • Access to Online Course
  • Access to Students Community Group
  • 3 Webinars
  • 4 General Lessons (One-to-One)*
  • Final Exam & Certificate

gold plan

2-Week Course + 6 weeks access to content
225 $
  • + VAT
  • Resource Sheets
  • Access to Online Course
  • Access to Students Community Group
  • 3 Webinars
  • 4 General Lessons (One-to-One)*
  • 4 Conversational Lessons (One-to-One)*
  • Final Exam & Certificate


2-Week Course + 6 weeks access to content
295 $
  • + VAT
  • Resource Sheets
  • Access to Online Course
  • Access to Students Community Group
  • 3 Webinars
  • 10 General Lessons (One-to-One)*
  • Final Exam & Certificate
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