Let's Speak Spanish Podcasts

Improve your Spanish with our unique and 100% free podcasts


Learn by listening our original Podcast. Each episode takes approx. 20 minutes. The sequence of the episodes is based on the 24 Level System To Spanish Fluency®. Transcripts and exercises in each episode.

Listen to something different. Our new podcast series is based on Spanish fairy tales. With transcripts and exercises in each episode.

 In podcast series “Cultura con Juanjo”, we will guide you through different aspects of our culture according to our teaching method – 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®. We will talk about typical food, history, art and traditions.

A podcast about Hispanic music artists. Juanjo introduces you to a world of different music styles and gives examples of the best songs from each artist or era. Of course, you get to know the artists’ biography and some intriguing info.

In addition to learning Spanish, you will also learn about Hispanic culture and music.

In the new podcast series, will delve into the exciting world of cutting-edge science and technology. We’ll explore fascinating scientific and technological advancements, and dive into facilities dedicated to scientific research.

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