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Our experienced teachers have been running Spanish DELE exams for years and are the best to prepare you.

Taking the DELE exam is necessary for candidates applying to jobs or universities in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.

If you want to face your DELE test with confidence take some preparation lessons online with one of our Spanish teachers. They are all experienced examiners who know how the tests work and what's important to know in each section, so you will have a better chance of success.

We can prepare you for any of the six different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Get the perfect preparation for your upcoming DELE exam in as many lessons as you need.

Official Spanish Exams (DELE & SIELE) Center

Since our Spanish school in Tenerife became a Cervantes Institute accredited DELE test center in 2015, hundreds of students have taken the exams with us.

Tailor-made Preparation

Our preparation lessons are tailor-made for you. You'll get exactly the amount of practice that you need to pass the test.

96 % Pass Rate

96 out of 100 students in the prep classes pass on the first try!

How does it work?

This is how we prepare you for your DELE Exam


Check you Spanish level (optional)

You probably already know which level you want to prepare for. If not, or to make sure that your current level is sufficient, we advise you to first take our Placement Test and then our Level Exam.


Book your first preparation lesson(s)

You can't get more flexible than that. With us you don't have to book a whole preparation course. You can flexibly book one or more lessons according to your needs and your individual schedule and availability of our teachers. Our teachers work in all time zones.

How To Book Online Lessons With Us?

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Have your 1st lesson

In your first lesson you'll learn about the exam structure. Then your teacher starts with the oral part from a sample exam paper of your level. Check our video where Carmen explains to you how the first lesson works:

Online Spanish Class


Concentrating on the right stuff

Our DELE preparation classes are not about learning more Spanish. It's all about doing lots of model exams and getting feedback from your teacher. We concentrate on the questions and Spanish skills where exam candidates struggled the most in the past. At the end you will know which topics should be your priority when preparing for the exam.


Not Wasting Your Time!

We don’t make you read and write lots during your online lessons.You complete most parts of the test exam at home. Later, your teacher will correct them and answer any questions and doubts.

Furthermore you'll receive many tips and tricks from our certified DELE examiners for your test day.


Add General Spanish Lessons If Needed

In case you and your teacher realize that there are still deficits in your current Spanish level to pass the exam, you always have the possibility to book additional general Spanish lessons.

DELE Exam Dates 2024

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DELE is an official exam organized by the Ministry of Education in Spain. DELE Spanish Diplomas are internationally recognized credentials certifying a student’s ability to speak Spanish fluently. You can earn a DELE Spanish Diploma only by taking a DELE exam.







The DELE exam is available at these six levels:

  • Level A1 – Breakthrough
  • Level A2 – Waystage
  • Level B1 – Threshold
  • Level B2 – Vantage
  • Level C1 – Effective Operational Proficiency
  • Level C2 – Mastery

It is possible to take any level. To take a higher level exam, you do not need a certificate from a lower level. However, you should choose the right level. We will ask you to estimate your Spanish level in order to help us determine the ideal level for you. Test your Spanish with our free online test.
Our DELE preparation courses require a minimum Spanish level of A2.


You can take the DELE exams at any of the DELE examination centers recognized by the Instituto Cervantes.

This list of Instituto Cervantes DELE examination centers can be consulted in the “Where” section of this website.

No. You can only take the DELE exam on-site at a certified examination center on specified dates.

Registrants for the tests need to complete the process via the means set up by Instituto Cervantes by the prescribed deadline. There are two ways to register for the DELE:

  • Online, through this portal, in the case of candidates in Spain (for all levels except pupils).
    !! Check this video with step by step process for registration !!
  • At each examination center, in the case of the DELE exams held outside Spain.

You will need to provide a copy or the original of your passport or official identification document. It must include a photograph and the following information: name and surname, nationality, and birthdate. Both the registration and identification documents must have the same data.

In addition to the mandatory data, you will also need to provide a personal email address in order to register for the tests. You will be contacted by the Instituto Cervantes through email. You can then receive your DELE diploma once you have passed the tests. 

Registration for minors must be done by their parents, guardians, or legal representatives.

Link to registration form (PDF) for exam centers outside Spain.

We prepare you for the DELE exam in as many lessons as you need.

Our online lessons are constantly improved to ensure you are prepared for your upcoming DELE exam. Our Spanish course consists of online face-to-face sessions with native Spanish speakers. Additionally, you will have access to all of our preparation materials and sample exams. During the online live lessons, you will practice DELE exam skills tested during the exam and review past DELE exam papers. Each of our teachers is a certified and experienced DELE examiner.

Our certified DELE examiners will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to ace your exam. We will provide you with dozens of exam questions and many resources to help you succeed on the exam. There is nothing like our preparation. Your needs are met individually so that you pass your test. Our lessons focus on questions where prior exam candidates had difficulty.



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How To Book Online Lessons With Us?

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