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How Does It Work?

The COMBI Spanish Course, like all our learning offers on “Let’s Speak Spanish”, is based on our 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®. It is a unique method with clear, measurable learning goals that you can accomplish step by step.

We created the system because our 20 years of experience as a Spanish school taught us that motivation is the most important factor in learning another language successfully. With 24 levels to Spanish fluency, our students “level up” rapidly and thus become much more motivated.


We never let you get bored. The COMBI Spanish self-study program is one of the most innovative and diversified Spanish courses right now.

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You can become one of our happy students!

What Will You Learn?

This course provides clear and detailed content to help you gain a basic understanding of Spanish. By the end of the course, you will understand and use everyday expressions and phrases in Spanish. You can introduce yourself and others and ask for and give basic personal information about their home, their belongings and the people they know.

In summary, you will be capable of participating in basic conversations and will not be completely lost when conversing with a Spanish speaker.

How Do You Proceed After Finishing the 1st Level?

If you enjoyed the first level, you can sign up right away for level 2 (A1.2). But for now, start with the very first level of the COMBI Spanish Course!


You can access FREE Beginners Course Level 1 for 35 days. If you purchase additional levels, they have access for one year.

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