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Become an Online Spanish Teacher

We offer the best rates in the industry & high flexibility! Teach Spanish online to motivated students from all over the world from wherever you want, whenever you want and as often as you want.

Flexible class schedule

You decide when you have time to teach classes online. Students request their lessons according to your published schedule.


Easy class preparation

We provide a clear program based on our “24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®” including didactic material which will minimize the preparation of your classes.

Private lessons & small groups

The majority of your classes will be private lessons. Groups are limited to a maximum of 5 students who will all have the exact same level of Spanish thanks to our accurate level test.


Free teacher training session

Before you start teaching with us we’ll invite you to an introductory webinar to explain our methodology for teaching Spanish online according to our proven system.

How Does Teaching with Us Work?

You’re in control of your teaching schedule. Just publish your availability on our online calendar. You can easily connect it to your Google calendar and update it anytime. Students see your profile and class schedule on our website and book their lessons with you.

Once students sign up with you, they do our level test which determines their Spanish knowledge. You receive the result and can then use our material which is structured into sub-levels. So you know exactly what to prepare for your online class.

Our latest virtual classroom technology with whiteboard and conferencing tool allows you to give highly interactive online lessons. You only need a microphone and a good internet connection and after a few clicks you can start teaching!

What Requirements
Do You Have to Meet?

To become an online Spanish teacher with us you need to:

If you are trained to prepare for DELE/SIELE exams, you will have an advantage.

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