"Cuando enseño idiomas siento que entro a un mundo no solo interesantísimo sino también súper divertido, donde las culturas se encuentran."
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About Libary

Libary is a very enthusiastic Spanish teacher from Colombia! She’s passionate about
languages. She has more than 8 years of experience teaching people of all ages, both in
Colombia and in Ecuador, where she is living now. Apart from Spanish, she has also
taught English and French. She started teaching online in 2016. She’s an accredited
DELE examiner for all levels.

She speaks these languages:

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Libary's Experience


I have a degree in Modern Languages, specialized in English and French. I also took
some courses about TESOL, American literature and creative writing in New York. I
am also an accredited examiner for DELE A1-C2 exams by Cervantes institute.


DELF B2 certificate
Zertifikat Deutsch B1


My love for languages started in Cartagena, Colombia, the place where I was born and
raised. I started in the tourism field which I enjoyed a lot. When I noticed my passion
for languages, I went to the university to become a teacher, and started working as a
teacher almost immediately. I have worked at different institutions in Colombia like the
Alliance française, Montessori schools, volunteer corporations, and later when I moved
to Ecuador, I started working at UNIANDES University. In 2016 I started teaching
online and it has been one of my best experiences so far.


For 5 years, I worked as a local coordinator in Colombia for a volunteering
organization. I received volunteers, assigned them to the institutions they would work
at, taught them basic Spanish, showed them around and sometimes traveled with them
in Colombia. That is how I started to enjoy a lot learning about different cultures and
places around the world. Apart from my love for languages, I also love music. I can
play the guitar and sing. I enjoy writing short stories.

5 Questions


Sería amarillo. Me encanta ver el sol; siento que me transmite alegría. Me hace sentir
mucha paz interior, armonía y energía. En mis sueños siempre imagino una casa de
campo amarilla, en la montaña iluminada por los rayos del sol.

English: What color would you be and why?
I would be yellow. I love to see the sun. I feel that it transmits joy. It makes me feel a lot
of inner peace, harmony and energy. In my dreams I always imagine a yellow house on
the mountain illuminated by the rays of the sun.

Definitivamente tocar un instrumento musical. Eligiría el piano o el violonchelo. La
música es super importante para mí.

English: If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose?
I’d definitely learn to play a musical instrument. I would choose the piano or the cello.
Music is very important to me.

No sé si los comería juntos, pero son mis favoritos por separado. La pizza y café con
leche. Café colombiano, ¡obviamente!

English: If you could only eat two things for the rest of your life, what would it be? Eating them together would be strange, but they are my favorites separately. Pizza and
Coffee. Colombian coffee, obviously!

Una obra de arte.

English:What is life for you? (in one phrase)? A work of art.

¡Oye Arnold! ¡Aún me encanta! Aunque la veía de niña, siento que es una serie que aún
de grande me parece súper interesante. Los temas que trata los encuentro muy realistas
y más profundos de lo que parecen a simple vista.

English: What was your favorite cartoon series? Hey Arnold! I still love it! Although I used to watch it as a child, I feel that you’ll find it
super interesting even if you’re grown up. I find the topics it deals with very realistic
and deeper than they seem at first glance.

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