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Corporate Spanish Training

Our 24 Levels System to Spanish Fluency® will help your employees gain proficiency in one of the world's most important languages

Spanish language skills have become increasingly significant in many companies and professions, whether it’s chatting with colleagues or communicating with clients around the world. 

Offering Spanish language programs to your employees

Spanish language skills have become increasingly significant in many companies and professions, whether it’s chatting with colleagues or communicating with clients around the world. Offering Spanish language programs to your employees,

Why Let’s Speak Spanish?

We have been teaching Spanish for more than 20 years, and we love it.
In 2010, we began teaching Spanish online and have remained committed to it ever since. With the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®, we developed our own teaching system.
By setting clear, attainable goals and progressing smoothly from level to level, the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency® keeps your employees motivated. They'll also benefit from proven teaching methods combined with the latest online technology.

Corporate Spanish Training

Key Features of our Corporate Spanish Training

24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®

24 Levels to Become Fluent - from absolute beginners to fluency.

First, the Placement Test

An initial comprehensive placement test will determine the student's exact level of Spanish.

Tailor-Made to Your Needs

We design the content and training schedule to align with your business needs.

Unique Materials & Methods

The most up-to-date materials and learning technology, along with proven teaching methods.

Teachers Who Make a Difference

We work only with carefully selected, specially trained native-speaking instructors with university degrees and 5+ years of experience.

Constant Feedback & Evaluations

We constantly monitor the student's progress with teacher feedback, intermediate exams and final evaluations at the end of each course level.



You can choose from the following training programs:

Spanish Online Lessons

Live Tutor

We offer live classes online (European or latin-american Spanish) that can be organised in small groups (3-5 participants) or as individual lessons. The classes can be tailor-made and scheduled with high flexibility. 



Our self-study program includes diverse and engaging learning elements such as webinars, podcasts, audio clips, videos, articles, infographics, and more than 1,500 interactive exercises together with social learning and gamification aspects.

Spanish Online Lessons



of Both

The most effective way for us to acquire Spanish is through live tutor lessons combined with our self-study course. This will allow the students to use the online lessons with the teachers mainly to learn how to speak.

How we work with companies?

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First, we discuss your requirements in an online meeting, where we talk about:

  • the type of class: self-learning course, group or private lessons led by a teacher, or a combination of both.
  • the content of the course that can be tailored to your industry, department or job role.
  • the number of lessons per week and in total.
  • the duration of the lessons (60 or 90 minutes).
  • the optimal teacher, your time zone, and the dates for the lessons.

After the meeting, we will send you a personalised offer.


Before the lessons start

The most precise placement tests on the entire Web start your employees’ journey to Spanish fluency. After we determine the exact level of their Spanish, we will place them in the next level course or class.

During the lessons

We conduct regular training feedback meetings to ensure that language learners are meeting their training goals. If requested by management, we prepare reports on the progress of the participants in the course and share it with the company from the very beginning.

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No problem. We will find the right training for every single student or all sizes of groups.

Let’s Speak Spanish Corporate Spanish Training provides a tailored experience for teams or businesses with top LSS tutors handpicked by the account management team.

For our Spanish online lessons, we use the latest technology: a virtual classroom with white board and co-browsing technology to give you the best interactive learning experiences. Simple and easy to use, you need no extra software.

We created a dashboard to help you track team utilization and learning progress.

  • Team’s overall Spanish level 
  • The number of lessons completed, scheduled, etc.
  • Individual progress and team performance

Ultimately, it depends on the time, schedule, and budget, and the number of people to be trained. Once those questions are answered, we’ll be able to suggest the best training experience. 


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