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If you want to know exactly your level of your Spanish, take the most comprehensive test on the Internet.

At “Let’s Speak Spanish!”, we place special emphasis on making your progress and success measurable. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of exercises, tests, and exams. To make our tests and exams as reliable as possible, do not use dictionaries (or other aids). Know that luck plays no part on the results.

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Uncover Your Spanish Level

Free Grammar Placement Test

Kickstart Your Path to Spanish Mastery – Begin your adventure to fluency with our free Grammar Placement Test. Tailored to accurately determine your starting point within our 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®, this test adapts to your responses, guiding you to the level that best matches your current understanding of Spanish grammar.

Your Personalized Journey Begins Here – By analyzing your initial responses, we customize where the test begins, ensuring an accurate assessment of your grammar skills. Advance until you meet a level that poses significant challenge. We’ll then identify your precise Spanish grammar level, setting the stage for your tailored learning path.





Comprehensive Spanish Level Exam

Deepen Your Spanish Insights – With your grammar level identified, our Spanish Level Exam invites you to confirm and extend your mastery. This thorough evaluation goes beyond grammar to include vocabulary, as well as reading and listening comprehension, providing a holistic view of your Spanish abilities.

Certify Your Proficiency: If precision in your Spanish level is what you seek, this exam is the key. It’s the gateway to advancing within our 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®, complete with a complimentary certificate upon passing. Celebrate your achievement and prepare to advance with confidence.





Spanish Proficiency Exam

Earn Your Spanish Credentials – Are you ready to showcase your comprehensive Spanish skills? Our Spanish Proficiency Exam is designed for students eager to demonstrate their speaking and writing prowess. Available from levels A2.1 to B2.8, this live, online exam is your opportunity to earn a certificate from an accredited institution, conducted by experienced educators.

Take the Next Step: Don’t wait to prove your Spanish fluency. Book your Proficiency Exam now and let your skills shine. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate, honoring your speaking and writing capabilities and marking a pivotal achievement in your journey to Spanish fluency.

Find Out Your Exact Level of Spanish Now.

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