7 Songs to Practise the Future Forms in Spanish

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After learning all about the future in Spanish with our detailed series, it’s time to practise all you’ve seen with these catchy tunes! Sing along with us and see how Spanish speakers use all we’ve covered in our posts. There’s one for every day of the week!


In this post you'll find:

Wait a second… Have you seen our series about the future in Spanish? Don’t worry! Follow the links and don’t miss anything!

Future forms in Spanish: Future Markers
Future forms in Spanish: IR a + Infinitivo
Future forms in Spanish: Futuro Simple
Future forms in Spanish: Futuro perfecto

Songs for practising the future in Spanish

They say that singing brings joy to the soul, but it can also help you to learn Spanish. If you want to continue practising everything you have seen in our series about the future, we have a list of songs where you can see many examples of the different ways of speaking about the future. Let’s sing!

IR a + infinitivo (A2)

Futuro simple o imperfecto (B1)

Oraciones condicionales (B1)

Futuro simple y futuro compuesto (B2)

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