Future Forms in Spanish (A1): Future Markers + Present Simple

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Making plans, talking about projects and intentions… knowing how to talk about the future in Spanish is really important to communicate fluently and effortlessly on real-life situations. If you’d like to learn all there’s to know about it, keep reading our most detailed post about the future.

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Future markers in Spanish

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Do you know these words? There are future time markers, which basically means that we use them when talking about the future in Spanish. Have a look at these few examples:


después = luego = más tarde    (later)

Hoy es lunes, mañana es martes y pasado mañana es miércoles. 

próximo(a) = que viene (next)

la próxima semana = la semana que viene (next week)

el próximo lunes = el lunes que viene (next Monday)

en / dentro de + numeral + horas / días / semanas… (in + quantity + hours / days / weeks…)

El examen empieza en 2 horas = El examen empieza dentro de 2 horas.

It’s time to practice these future markers with a few exercises:  


Presente de indicativo (A1)

There are several ways to talk about the future in Spanish, the easiest one, even though it’s quite common, is just using present tense with a future marker. It’s extremely easy. Here you have some examples:

Mañana a las 17:00 tenemos una reunión con los clientes. 

El próximo fin de semana vamos de excursión a la montaña. 

No tengo clases la semana que viene.

It’s super easy! Isn’t it? Now it’s the perfect time for some practice!

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