Future Forms in Spanish: IR a + Infinitivo (A2)

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Making plans, talking about projects and intentions… knowing how to talk about the future in Spanish is really important to communicate fluently and effortlessly on real-life situations. If you’d like to learn all there’s to know about it, read all our detailed posts about the future.

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    1. IR a + infinitivo (A2)

IR a + infinitivo (A2)

  • ¿Qué vamos a hacer este fin de semana?
  • No sé. Juan va a ir a un concierto y yo voy a comer con Julia el sábado. 
  • Vale. Pues yo voy a comprar una entrada más tarde y voy a ir con Juan.


To talk about the future and express our plans, we have a very easy structure. We conjugate the verb IR in presente de indicativo and add a + infinitivo. Remember to use the future tense markers and you have another way of talking about the future tense. This is called the futuro perifrástico. Look at this table:

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It’s time for some practical exercises!

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