Imperative Forms in Spanish: Irregular Verbs

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After learning all about the regular verbs in our previous post, we are moving on to the irregular forms in imperative. Remember that this is a crucial content to keep up with the natives and start speaking like a pro. Enjoy!

In this post you'll find:

Imperativo afirmativo: irregular verbs (conjugation)

There are only 8 irregular verbs in imperative in Spanish. Yes, you’ve read correctly, only 8! We recommend you learning them by heart. Here you have the conjugation of these 8 irregular verbs:

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As you have seen in the previous chart, VOSOTROS always follows the trick we learned in our previous post about the regular verbs: you just take the infinitive form and change the ending -r-d

The best way of learning these irregular verbs is practicing a lot. Here you have some exercises to help you with the irregular verbs:

Imperative Forms in Spanish: Regular Verbs (Conjugation)
Imperative Forms in Spanish: Imperativo Negativo
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