Imperative forms in Spanish: Imperativo Negativo

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Now that you’ve learned and practised all about the affirmative forms in Spanish, it’s time to move forward to B1-B2 content and learn all about the negative forms in imperative. Don’t worry! It’ll be like a walk in the park. 

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    1. Imperativo negativo

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Imperativo negativo

The imperativo negativo in Spanish needs NO before the verb and especial endings for each person:

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The forms for USTED, NOSOTROS(AS) and USTEDES are the same in the imperativo afirmativo and the imperativo negativo

                                        Cante – No cante

                                  Bebamos – No bebamos

                                     Sientan – No sientan

If you already know the presente de subjuntivo in Spanish, this will be a piece of cake for you, because all the forms are the same. This also applies to the 8 irregular verbs in imperative

Now is the time to practice the imperativo negativo. Shall we?

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