The 12 Spookiest Films and Shows in Spanish

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If you are a horror or mystery film lover and want to learn Spanish, what better way to combine your two passions? This is a unique opportunity to practise your Spanish while discovering Hispanic culture a little better and having a good scare. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa, prepare your favourite popcorn and let’s discover a universe of ghosts and monsters in Spanish.

Is someone there? Let’s start!!

12 Scary Movies made in Spain and Latin America


A modern classic of Spanish psychological thriller. Ángela is a Audiovisual student who decides to write her thesis about violence. While she’s doing her project she finds a snuff movies ring which makes her search for the person behind those videos.


A group of teenegers uses a ouija board at school, but they disturb something unknown which starts following one of the girls: Verónica.

The Rec Saga

The Rec films are arguably the most international and copied of Spanish horror cinema. It’s a horror classic: really fast and scary zombies trying to eat people.

No dormirás

A group of actors decide to go and live in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Argentina to prepare a play which recreates the experiences of one of the patients.

Relatos salvajes

A movie made of many different stories with some elements in common: vengeance, violence and a twisted sense of humour.  It’s a must of Argentinean cinema.

Los ojos de Julia

 Julia and her sister share a degenerative disease that results in blindness. After Julia discovered that her sister has committed suicide she decides to look into her death and try to avoid her sister’s destiny.


Malasaña 32

A family moves into an old apartment in Malasaña, Madrid. The problems start when they realise that they’re not the only ones living there. 

Juan de los muertos

Another zombie movie, but in this case, with a lot of comedic elements. An Hispanic-Cuban production tells the story of Juan, a man who lives in La Habana and will have to do the impossible to survive the zombies while the Cuban Government denies everything.  

El orfanato

A classic of horror cinema: a family moves into an old orphanage and strange things start happening until little Simón disappears.

El cuerpo

The corpse of a very powerful woman disappears from the morgue before the autopsy. Police suspects the husband, but it looks like the cause might be supernatural.

Los otros

We can’t make a list of recommendations without including this masterpiece by Alejandro Amenábar. The original movie is in English, but we recommend you watch it in Spanish to practise the language. 

After the Second World War, a mother and her two children wait for their father to return from the battle. Isolated in a victorian mansion they can’t leave due to a weird sun allergy that the two children have. But it looks like they might not be as alone as they thought.


A young nurse comes to work at a paediatric hospital and meets a girl who insists that there’s someone there who wants to hurt the children. But she’s the only one who seems to be able to see them.

5 Spanish Shows for Halloween Season

Historias para no dormir

A new version of the classic program by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. Every episode is a different horror story.


A thriller set in the island of Hierro (Canary Islands) where the body of a young man appears on the day of his wedding. A judge who has just arrived on the island will have to solve the mystery.

30 monedas

A horror show about satanic forces connected to the 30 gold coins of Judas and their supernatural power. 

La valla

Dystopian TV show about a dictatorial system in which the population are 100% controlled because of the lack of natural resources.

Bajo sospecha

It’s a classic story about detectives. Two police officers must infiltrate in a small village to investigate the disappearance of a young girl during a family function. Anyone could be guilty. 

5 Halloween related songs in Spanish

If you prefer listening to music or singing to practise your Spanish, Here you have 5 horror related songs to learn with rhythm.

Mi novio es un zombie, Alaska y Dinarama

A classic love story: girl meets zombie and it’s love at first sight. 

Lobo hombre en París, La Unión

This Spanish group tells their version of the tale El lobo hombre by Boris Vian. A story about a wolf which transforms into a man during a full moon.

No es serio este cementerio, Mecano

This legendary group from the 80’s and 90’s in Spain has a song about how fun the dead have at the cemetery.

Drácula yeyé, Andrés Pajares

Andrés Pajares is a Spanish comedian very famous during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This song is a parody of Dracula with a 60’s vibe.

La Llorona, Ángela Aguilar

If you’re interested in Mexican traditions and Día de Muertos, here you have La Llorona. This is a song based on a Prehispanic legend of a woman ghost. There are several versions, but they say that the ghost of a woman who murdered her children drowning them in the river appears crying and full of regret. 

Final recommendation

We hope these songs got you closer to Spanish pop culture and you used them for practicing your Spanish and your dance moves. If you’d like to learn more about Hispanic music and its most iconic artists, listen to our podcast series Ritmos y raíces.

A podcast about Hispanic music artists. Juanjo introduces you to a world of different music styles and gives examples of the best songs from each artist or era. Of course, you get to know the artists’ biography and some intriguing info.

In addition to learning Spanish, you will also learn about Hispanic culture and music.

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