Conversation Spanish Lessons

Dynamic conversation classes tailored to your Spanish level (A2-C2). To put your knowledge of Spanish into practice, materials are tailored to your level and interests. The goal is to achieve fluency according to your current level.

Type Lesson Length 1 Lesson 5 Lessons + 1 FREE 10 Lessons + 2 FREE 20 Lessons + 5 FREE


45 min.

US$25 – Book Now

US$125 – Book Now

US$250 – Book Now

US$500 – Book Now


90 min.

US$45 – Book Now

US$225 – Book Now

US$450 – Book Now

US$900 – Book Now

The required minimum level to attend this type of lessons is A2 (CEFR), Novice High (ACTFL), Level 1+ (ILR), Level 5 (24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®)

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