Learn by listening with our Let’s Speak Spanish – Hablemos Español Podcast!
Each episode takes approximately 20 minutes. The sequence of the episodes is based on the 24 Level System To Spanish Fluency. They are a perfect complement to our online classes.
You can listen to it wherever, whenever and as many times you want.

Meet Juanjo, Your Host

Juanjo is your host for the Let’s Speak Spanish Podcast and will guide you throughout the 24 level system to achieve Spanish Fluency. He will accompany you on this adventure, along with our experienced Spanish teachers and featuring various guests with many different accents thanks to the cultural diversity of our team.

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Let's Speak Spanish - The Podcast

By Juanjo • 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency


We get to know the Spanish alphabet and its pronunciation. We learn how to count from 0 to 9 and study some important questions to learn more Spanish vocabulary.

We learn how to introduce ourselves in Spanish, say our name and nationality. Also, we listen to different ways of saying hello and goodbye at different times of the day.

We introduce others in Spanish. We learn how to greet others formally and informally. We give and ask for someone’s phone number.

We talk about family, describe how other people look like and describe their personality with the verb “ser” and adjectives. Also, we learn how to tell ours and other people’s age.

We talk about the house, its different rooms and where they are. We differentiate the uses of the verbs “ser” and “estar”.

We learn how to locate stores on the street, ask for and give directions to a place in the city. We also learn how to ask and tell the time.

We talk about daily habits, hobbies and sports in Spanish. We learn how to say what we like and if we have any in common with others.

We learn vocabulary and phrases for shopping at a market. We follow the steps of a recipe. We ask and offer a favor. We learn how to give instructions in Spanish.

We learn how to describe a place or an object. We make a reservation in a hotel by phone. We learn how to use adjectives and adverbs in Spanish.

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