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The 24 resource sheets are based on our unique “24 Level System to Spanish Fluency”.
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Are you looking for that one website or course with the best content to learn Spanish online?

Good luck, but it doesn’t exist.

Of course, there are very good websites and Spanish courses online.
Most of them have created their own content like educational videos and audio. Some of the courses include good grammar exercises and others use new learning techniques like gamification.
But no online Spanish course offers the perfect learning resources in every category. The best material to learn Spanish online is free. It costs nothing, zero.

There are literally thousands of blog posts, videos, podcasts, audio files, practice tasks, tests, etc.
Thousands of passionate Spanish teachers, schools and course providers constantly competing to create the best material.

The problem?

All that perfect material is spread all over the internet, so you’ll have a hard time not only to find it but also to figure out if it’s appropriate for your level.

The solution?

Take advantage of hundreds of hours of research and organization of the web’s best resources to learn Spanish. We offer you the right resource sheets for your exact level. You can choose out of 24 levels (sheets) in total. 

Learn Spanish with the Best Resources on the Internet

Why Our Sheets Are Worth It?

Still have some hesitations whether our resource sheets are worth your hard-earned bucks? Check the reasons why our sheets will get you closer to your goal of learning Spanish!

24 Sheets (Levels)

We offer 24 resource sheets to cover all levels (A1 – B2) of our 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency.

Careful Selection

Our resource sheets link to the best videos, audio, exercises and quizzes related to the level you are learning.

time management

15 Hours of Content

Every single resource sheet contains links with more than 15 hours of educational Spanish content.

Clear Learning Goals

The resource sheets come with clear learning goals so you know exactly what you will be able to do after completion of each level.


Tested with Students

All resources are carefully chosen and tested with real Spanish learners during our classes.

Free Placement Test

Take our in-depth Spanish placement test on the internet for free to find out about your exact Spanish level.


Affordable Prices

Working with our resource sheets is the most affordable way to get access to our “24 Level System to Spanish Fluency”.

Not Sure of Your Exact Level?

Our free level placement test is the most detailed one on the whole web.

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Level 1-4 (A1)

LEVEL 1 (A1.1)

Spell out • Masculine and feminine • Plural of names and adjectives • The present tense

LEVEL 2 (A1.2)

Talk about your family • Describe a person • Ask and say the age • Use the ordinal numbers

9.00 €

LEVEL 3 (A1.3)

Irregular verbs in present tense • Reflexive verbs • Gustar and encantar • Differentiate hay and está(n)

9.00 €

LEVEL 4 (A1.4)

Go shopping • Understand and follow the steps of a recipe • Order food in a restaurant • Give instructions

9.00 €

Level 5-9 (A2)

LEVEL 5 (A2.1)

Give instructions • Go shopping • Talk about what you're doing at the moment • Invite someone to do something • Talk about celebrations

9.00 €

LEVEL 6 (A2.2)

Express intentions • Make a phone call • Talk about health • Talk about the human body

9.00 €

LEVEL 7 (A2.3)

Talk about your experiences and recent events • Talk about what has already been done and what has to be done • Express your mood

9.00 €

LEVEL 8 (A2.4)

Talk about past events • Ask for an explanation

9.00 €

LEVEL 9 (A2.5)

Talk about traditions/habits of the past • Describe the past • Compare the past and the present • Express possession • Make comparisons • Talk about the weather • Propose activities • Express the way things are done • Express degrees of certainty • Talk about what you did

9.00 €

Level 10-16 (B1)

LEVEL 10 (B1.1)

Talk about personality • Express feelings • Place actions in a chronological timeline • Talk about the future • Express agreement and disagreement

9.00 €

LEVEL 11 (B1.2)

Express possibility and hypothesis • Express wishes • Telling facts in the past tense • React and evaluate • Give advice and instructions • Talk to doctors

9.00 €

LEVEL 12 (B1.3)

Give and ask for information • Buy on the market • Express wishes • Give advice • Talk about experiences • Compare

9.00 €

LEVEL 13 (B1.4)

Express an intention • Tell something you've heard or been told • Express emotions • Talk about advantages and disadvantages • Talk about experiences and compare

9.00 €

LEVEL 14 (B1.5)

Make suggestions for leisure activities • Offer help to others • Accept or reject help • Give recommendations or advice • Express your opinion • Make comparisons • Explain the rules to play a game • Describe a painting

9.00 €

LEVEL 15 (B1.6)

Express feelings • Describe gestures • Talk about habits • Recall experiences and evaluate them • Explaining and solving problems over the phone • Ask and do a favor

9.00 €

LEVEL 16 (B1.7)

Express fear or insecurity • Express disagreement or indignation • Express sorrow, pity and joy • Express good wishes

9.00 €

Level 17-24 (B2)

LEVEL 17 (B2.1)

Talk about friendship • Express feelings and reactions • Describe character and moods • Give your opinion • Express how we perform an action • Compare two ideas • Write a formal letter • Discuss different types of businesses

9.00 €

LEVEL 18 (B2.2)

Talk about your movie preferences • Express indifference • Repeat an order or suggestion

9.00 €

LEVEL 19 (B2.3)

Express wishes • Give advice or orders in the past • Express hypotheses about the past • Talk about employment • Write an application letter for a job position • Assess facts • Talk about unlikely or hypothetical situations

9.00 €

LEVEL 20 (B2.4)

Express wishes, doubts and politeness • Choose your means of communication • Talk about the duration of an action • Tell a story of the past • Retell what another person said • Compare

9.00 €

LEVEL 21 (B2.5)

Narrate a journey • Make hypotheses about the present and the past • Make predictions about future forms of transportation

9.00 €

LEVEL 22 (B2.6)

Talk about the technological future • Express purpose • Express consequences • Express transformation • Make hypothesis about the cities of the future • Write a scientific article

9.00 €

LEVEL 23 (B2.7)

Describe natural catastrophes • Express the beginning, the ending and the result of an action • Express consequences and regrets • Identify and describe people and things • Tell a story in the past • Imagine a different past / Express regret

9.00 €

LEVEL 24 (B2.8)

Explain your culinary tastes • Evaluate dishes • Discuss about new culinary trends

9.00 €

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