20 Fun Board Games to Learn and Practise Spanish

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You may not be much of a “gamer”, but board games are the perfect way to learn Spanish in a fun way and to put into practice everything you have learned or are learning in a more relaxed and informal setting. It doesn’t matter your age or your interests, because, whatever you are, there is a board game perfect for you.

With this post we want to recommend some board games that you may not be familiar with and that can help you in and out of the Spanish classroom.


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Let’s start with our students’ favourite games. Although everyone loves the quirky images on the cards, the best thing about this game is that you can adapt it to the level and content you need. You can even adapt it and make pairs to decide the cards and clues your giving. 

El espía que se perdió

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There’s a spy in your group and you need to find him. However, the spy needs to find where you are. It’s a great game to practise basic conversations and to make everyone speak. You can make the questions as simple or as complex as you like. You can even limit them just to the present tense. 

Los muertos no hablan

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Try to trick your friends/classmates into saying forbidden words by making them all sorts of questions. You’ll practise general vocabulary and all the tenses you’d like. 

¿Qué soy?

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This is one of the first board games we can use in Spanish. You just need to make questions to find out what you are. The rest of your group can only answer “yes” or “no”. It’s an ideal game for beginners. 

¿Quién es quién?

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The perfect way to practise all the vocabulary for the physical description and the verbs SER, TENER and LLEVAR. Keep learning in a fun and simple way. 


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This is a classic for a reason. There’s no better way of practising the relative clauses in Spanish “Es un objeto que usamos para beber agua”. Tabú is also a great way to train your brain in case you don’t know or don’t remember a word in Spanish. 

El gran tabú

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For more advanced students we recommend El gran tabú, a edition of the classic with 3 extra categories: drawing and guessing, 15 words, and charades with a muppet. It’s the perfect game for groups of advanced students, but you can use it at B1 level exchanging the tabú cards (the red ones) for easier ones. 


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Play with the alphabet and try to be the first to say a word with each and every letter. There are different categories for you to test and expand your vocabulary. 


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This is the perfect game for those who struggle with the verbs SER and ESTAR in Spanish. You’re basically have to describe all the elements of an uncommon image, and you must do it fast but in a very detailed way (SER) and you also have to say where all those elements are (ESTAR). 

El portero Baldomero

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A perfect ice breaker game to start a lesson. It’s an easy one to begin with a new group and it’s great for practising general vocabulary and learning how to connect concepts in Spanish. 


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This is another ice breaker game, but for more advanced students. It’s not difficult, but having a higher level will make easier understanding the instructions of the cards and coming up with the clues faster. 


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You can play this classic board game and practise your speaking skills and the past tenses in Spanish. 

Incómodos invitados

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If Cluedo is too boring for you, here you have a game of deduction but with a twist: the motive is also important to win. The mechanics are quite similar to the ones of the old classic, but you need a higher level to understand all the cards and the clues. It’s more complex, but way more fun!

When I Dream

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A great game for practising vocabulary and past tenses. Did you know that in Spanish we use the pretérito imperfecto de indicativo to tell a dream? This is the perfect way to do it in a very fun manner. 

Brain Box ABC

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One of the most basic ones we’ve included in this list it’s Brain Box ABC. There are many others Brain Box games, but we’ve picked this one because of its simplicity and success among our students. It’s a great way to learn new words and practising your comprehension skills. 


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There are many Similo versions, and we recommend you to pick the one you’re more interested in. All of them will help you practise you speaking skills and your vocabulary.  You need to interact with your friends to find out the right card and to discard all the wrong ones. 

Los hombres lobo de Castronegro

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This is the definite game for big groups. It’s a lot of fun! Everyone must speak and expose their theories about the possible suspects at every town meeting. Great for boosting your confidence and getting more fluent in Spanish. 

Story Cubes

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Telling stories in Spanish is a great way for mastering those tricky past tenses. This is a fun and easy way to do it. There are many versions of this game, use the one you like the most.

Érase una vez

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If Story Cubes are too easy or boring for you, because you have a higher level or you’ve used them too much, this is a great alternative. Érase una vez is also great for telling stories in the past, but it’s a bit less flexible are more complex than the illustrated cubes. 


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Perfect for improving your vocabulary while having fun with your classmates or friends. Try to connect with them and write the same answers. 

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