"Ser profesor es mucho más que impartir clases. Nunca te aburres y es una profesión emotiva."
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About Carmen

Carmen is an expert in teaching Spanish Online! She has been teaching Spanish at all levels for the last four years and started focusing on Online teaching in 2018. Now she is Head of Online Spanish at FU International Academy Tenerife. Next to teaching Spanish, Carmen has experience in teaching English, too.

She speaks these languages:

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Carmen's Experience


I received a degree in English Studies and I also hold two Master’s, one in Translation, Subtitling and Dubbing and the other one in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.


I have great experience in the field of education language. I started collaborating as Spanish instructor for the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) and, when I returned to Spain I worked as English tutor in Madrid. Three years later, I worked as a Spanish teacher in Madrid for several years. After this, I started my own online academy and now, I am Head of Online Spanish at FU International Academy Tenerife.


I received a Specialized Spanish Teacher certification by International House Madrid. In addition, I have attained the Qualified English Status (QTS), meeting the requirements for employment in schools in England.


I would like to highlight my work experience in the world of the cinema. I was working as an audio description writer, writing scripts for theatre and films, making movies and theatre plays accessible to blind and visually impaired persons.


4 Questions


Sería el azul porque me encantaría que todo el mundo se llevase bien. El color azul me inspira calma y confianza.

English: What color would you be and why? I would be the color blue because I’d love everyone to get along well. The color blue inspires me to be calm and confident.

Yo creo que me gustaría volver como un gato. ¿Por qué? Porque soy bastante curiosa y siempre observo y defiendo aquello que quiero.

English: If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would you want to be and why? 
I think I’d like to come back as a cat. Why? Because I’m quite curious and I always observe and defend what I want.

Hacer una prueba de doblaje. Tuve que doblar a Marge Simpson en una escena romántica con Homer.

English: What was your most embarrassing moment? Do a dubbing test. I had to dub Marge Simpson in a romantic scene with Homer.

Yo siempre veía Caperucita Roja. Ahora me doy cuenta de que yo también he pecado mucho de curiosa y de inocente. Siempre estoy de aquí para allá, me aburre seguir un solo camino.

English: What was your favorite cartoon series?I always used to watch Little Red Riding Hood. Now I realize that I too have sinned much of curiosity and innocence. I’m always going back and forth; it bores me to follow only one path.

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