“Ser profesora es una profesión emocionante a través de la cual puedes conocer a personas muy diversas”

About Pilar

Pilar is from Asturias, which is located in the north of Spain. She studied Geography and Tourism. When she came to Tenerife 25 years ago, she took courses specializing in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Her first experience as a Spanish teacher for foreigners was with immigrants from different backgrounds in various projects for a local government and the Red Cross. In 2013, she started working at FU International Academy. She’s a DELE examiner for all levels and has broad experience in online teaching.

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Pilar's Experience


I have a degree in geography. During my stay in France, I studied tourism and later on I took courses specializing in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


I’m a DELE examiner certified by the Instituto Cervantes for the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. I’ve also completed other Instituto Cervantes courses specializing in teaching Spanish as a second language, such as: “Corregir y retroalimentar la producción oral en el aula”, “Desarrollo de competencias docentes”, and “La gramática en la clase de español” by International House and “Metodología Didáctica” and “Diseño de Medios Didácticos”.


When I arrived in Tenerife 25 years ago, I worked in the tourism sector for a short time. Later, I collaborated with the city government of Guía de Isora for 3 years, working on different projects supporting the integration of foreigners by teaching them Spanish language and culture. After this, I continued teaching Spanish at the Spanish Red Cross as an educator for migrants. 4 years later, I started working at FU International Academy as a Spanish teacher for foreigners.


I would like to live in contact with nature, cultivate my own garden and be able to show respect for the earth, which is so generous to us and so mistreated at the same time.

7 Questions


La vida para mí es una aventura muy interesante.

ENG:  What’s life to you? Life for me is a very interesting adventure.


ENG: What’s your favourite word? Gracias (thank you).

Hay muchas locuras. Esencialmente me gusta improvisar para salir de la rutina y eso es una puerta abierta a “locuras” muy inspiradoras.

ENG: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done in your life? There’s a lot of crazy stuff. Essentially I like to improvise my way out of the routine and that opens doors to all kinds of inspiring possibilities.

Verde, es el color de la esperanza, de la naturaleza. Porque aporta serenidad, armonía y equilibrio.

ENG: What color would you be and why? Green, it’s the color of hope and nature. It brings serenity, harmony and balance.

Mi libertad.

ENG: What is your most prized possession? My freedom.

Ser coherente conmigo misma.

ENG: What is happiness to you? To be balanced with myself.

 El final de una cosa que termina es el inicio de otra que empieza.

ENG: What’s your favorite saying? The end of one thing is the beginning of another.

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