“One day you will leave this world behind so live a life you will remember.”

Languages Spoken:

I studied Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona and since then I have continued training at conferences and courses. In 2019 I acquired the certificate in Teacher Training as a Foreign Language and in 2020 the certificate in Grammar for Spanish Teachers.

I worked for a year in a language academy in Turkey: I taught groups of adults and also gave individual classes in person. For a little over a year I have been working online teaching adults from different countries.

I love to eat so I try food from all over the world – my favorite food is Syrian! I’m interested in graphology and astrology, and I also love to dance (I took salsa lessons for a while).

Student's Feedback

4 Questions for Gisela

¿Qué es para ti la vida?

Un conjunto de experiencias en forma de regalo🎁.

¿Cómo te describirías con tres adjetivos? 🤔

Valiente, divertida y enérgica.

Si solo pudieras comer dos cosas el resto de tu vida, ¿qué sería?

Pizza y arroz🍕🍚.

 Si pudieras aprender a hacer algo nuevo, ¿qué elegirías?

Aprendería a hablar árabe y a orientarme con un mapa🗺.

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