“My goal is to help YOU find your own way to express yourself and feel more comfortable in Spanish.”

Nationality: Spanish 🇪🇸

Languages Spoken: 🇪🇸🇬🇧🇮🇳🇫🇷🇮🇱


I was born and grew up in a lovely town by the coast of Catalonia, so I’m bilingual Spanish/Catalan and I love the beach and the sun. 🙂 I’ve lived in Ireland, Toulouse, and Israel, so I know what it means to learn a foreign language and to struggle with social situations where you need it! I’m an expert in that.

But hey! I can tell you being able to communicate in a different language is INVALUABLE!

Growing bilingual I realized as a kid languages open the door to different notions. Notions that maybe only exist in one language. They explain culture, people’s concepts and values. I love these discoveries. We’ll discover together.

Finally, I am also here to help you discover tips and places in Spain. Did I mention I am obsessed with good food and restaurants? 😊

I hold a first degree in Political Sciences (and Public Administration) by Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where my final paper was about Open Data in Education.

I hold a teaching certificate by ELE international, besides some other courses by GEMS INTERNATIONAL and International House (Tecnología en la clase de ELE).

I’m finishing my Master’s Profesor de ELE by Universidad de Comillas (completing final paper).

I have worked as a tutor since I was 17, helping highschoolers, especially in English and Spanish. I later started preparing my materials and curriculums and taught my own students in Tel Aviv, Catalonia and Tenerife, while sometimes working in other language schools. Since 2020 I have focused on online teaching and now I’m happily a teacher at FU International Academy Tenerife.

As a volunteer, I’ve been involved in educational projects with refugees, new migrants and kids in need in Catalonia, Equatorial Guinea and Tel Aviv.

4 Questions for Ana

¿Cuál es tu palabra favorita? 🧐

Delicado. Por un lado por el significado, pero además porque no puedes decir delicado si no es de manera de-li-ca-da.

Si solo pudieras comer dos cosas el resto de tu vida, ¿qué sería?

 Pasta 🍝  y fruta 🍊. Yo SÉ que si la fruta fuera muy escasa, no habría manjar que se considerara más lujoso y exquisito.

Para ti, ¿qué es la felicidad? 🍀

El sol ☀️, estar rodeado de gente buena y aprender a hablarte bien a ti mismo.

Si pudieras aprender a hacer algo nuevo, ¿qué elegirías?

A crear música (tocar, cantar bien, componer…). No sé absolutamente nada de música y me parece la afición más increíble que alguien puede tener. 🙏🏻

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