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Achieve a Complete A2

(Intermediate Mid/High) Level of Spanish in 10 Weeks
[study 90 minutes a day]


Dec 1st, 2020 to Feb 8th, 2021. Live classes take place every Tuesday + Wednesday at 6:00 PM (CET).


We will form a group of 5 students on the same level of Spanish, so they match perfectly.


A package of 2 x 90-minute online live group lessons per week + access to an online course.

Original price: 545€

Promo price: 390€

We created the Spanish course we could never find online:

LSS Super Fusion Course

We call it LSS (Let’s Speak Spanish) Super Fusion Course because it’s the perfect fusion of our Spanish online courses for self-study and small group classes with a native teacher.
In both parts, we follow our unique “24 Level System to Spanish Fluency”.

The course has a fixed start date and lasts for 10 weeks. Every two weeks, you’ll finish a new sub-level (5-9). After 10 weeks, you’ll have completed the main level.

  • A2 according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or
  • Intermediate Mid/High level following the ACTFL Proficiency Guideline

What does the LSS Super Fusion Course look like?

It consists of 2 parts:

1. Self-study Online Courses (Level 5-9)

We will guide you step-by-step through our course. At every single level, you have access to daily lessons of approximately one hour. These lessons include a varied mix of videos, audios and podcasts, texts and stories and many exciting interactive exercises. To test your progress, we have added two longer evaluations and a final level exam. After we've shared the lessons, you can repeat them anytime and as often as you want.

2. Small group live classes
(maxIMUM OF 5 students)

You will learn to SPEAK the language in a fun and easy way. Group live classes take place two times a week for 90 minutes. You'll be in a virtual classroom together with your teacher and 4 classmates. The latest technology provides you with the best interactive learning experience possible. Simple and easy to use, there’s no need to install or use extra software.

At the end of the LSS Super Fusion Course you'll be able to:

Describe clothing and express your opinion

Learn vocabulary related to clothing and accessories. Learn how to express your opinion, using different verbs and grammatical structures. Let's go shopping!

Make plans

Learn how to express your intentions and make plans. Learn vocabulary related to touristic activities.


Learn how to compare actions, qualities and quantities in terms of superiority and inferiority.

Meet your friends

Make invitations and accept or turn them down. Learn how to express what you're doing at the moment. Also learn the vocabulary of the months and seasons of the year.

Use the past tenses

Learn the differences between the past indefinite and the imperfect and how to use these two tenses at the same time.

Talk about your health

Talk about your helath, express permissions, obligations and possibilities.

Talk about the past

Learn to give news, talk about recent events and express what has been done and not been done yet. Learn to express a state of mind.

Express your mood

Learn vocabulary to express your mood and emotions.

Talk about past habits

Learn to express customs from the past and learn vocabulary related to travel.

Talk about past events

Talk about actions and events that took place in the past and learn vocabulary related to furniture and office.

Complain and excuse yourself

Learn to make excuses and express your mood.

Express possession

Learn to express in Spanish that a thing belongs to a person by reviewing possessive adjectives and studying possessive pronouns.

If you believe, like we do, that learning Spanish should be easy and fun, you're going to love this new course.

From our 20 years of experience in teaching Spanish, we know that learning a new language should first and foremost be fun. When you wander through the corridors of our school in Tenerife, you will constantly hear loud laughter from teachers and students. Besides having didactic talent, one of the most important qualities of a teacher is to teach a language with humor and fun. Nothing motivates students more.


Fear of speaking? You’ll get over it.

Our teachers create the same classroom atmosphere during the online live classes of the Super Fusion Course. They are particularly good at helping students overcome their fear of speaking freely within the learning group.

In a playful way, you’ll learn to speak Spanish with your classmates right from the start of the course.


Are writing and reading exercises part of the live classes?

No. We use the flipped classroom approach. With this method, you complete all the preparation exercises before the live classes in the self-study portion.

The interactive classroom is used only for practice and deepening your understanding through interaction with your native teacher and classmates.


Why you will enjoy the self-study part like no other on the market

The self-study portion of our course is a varied mix of videos and webinar recordings, audios, podcast episodes, comics and infographics, texts and stories. The main part is exercise based: practice, practice, practice. Through repetition and regular practice with the latest highly interactive exercises, we make sure that you’re likely to learn and less likely to get bored.

After passing the two in-between evaluations and the final exam in each of the 5 levels, you can proudly report that you have reached a new level of Spanish.

Look at the following Bonuses:

Resource Sheets ($22 value)

Take advantage of hundreds of hours of research and organization of the Web’s best resources to learn Spanish. Get the full package of the A2 resources sheets.

6 weeks full access to the self-study course

Even after you have completed a sub-level, you will continue to have access to the contents of the self-study course for another 6 weeks.

Q&A Forum

Chat with your teacher and your classmates and inside our forum. Receive extra homework and get the answers to your Spanish language questions.


Collect stars (estrellas) when you connect with your colleagues and pass evaluations. The friendly competition and challenges encourage you to progress through each level of Spanish.

10% discount for additional one-to-one lessons

Schedule additional one-to-one live lessons whenever you feel you need more speaking practice or explanations.


After finishing the final exam at the end of each level, you'll receive a certificate of completion from us. We are an officially accredited Spanish school and exam test center.

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