Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish Vocabulary is the biggest challenge students face. Greetings, phrases for restaurants, next trips and so on. Check for answers in our posts!

Clothes, Accessories and Footwear in Spanish

Clothes are a fundamental topic in daily life. Wether you need to buy something in a shop in a Hispanic-speaking country or you ‘re just love fashion, you need to know these words. Here you have the most useful ones with fun and interactive exercises!

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International Book Day and Sant Jordi

Would you like to know more about International Book Day and its connection with the Hispanic world? In this post you’ll find the answer to this and many more questions about our traditions and literary fairs.

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Abbreviations in Spanish

If you are one of those who think that “time is money,” abbreviations will be your best friends. If you know them in your language but are still unfamiliar with Spanish abbreviations, this post is perfect for you.

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