Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish Vocabulary is the biggest challenge students face. Greetings, phrases for restaurants, next trips and so on. Check for answers in our posts!


Abbreviations in Spanish

If you are one of those who think that “time is money,” abbreviations will be your best friends. If you know them in your language but are still unfamiliar with Spanish abbreviations, this post is perfect for you.

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Swear jar

Swearing in Spanish

Don’t be surprised if you hear “joder”, “mierda”, “tu madre”… while walking the streets in Spain or Latin America. The Spanish language is rich with curse words or “palabrotas,” which are excellent to spice up your vocabulary. Discover the most common swear words in this blogpost!

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Spanish Question Words

Do you know how to ask questions in Spanish? Are there special rules or you just need to do the correct intonation? Well, let’s find out together!

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colors in spanish

Colors in Spanish

Is your knowledge of basic colors in Spanish up to date? How about pastels, warms, or cools? When to use ser or estar? All answers, audios and exercises!

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Family Members in Spanish

All family members’ vocabulary in Spanish that you need to know. We added a vocabulary video, a podcast episode, and practical exercises to make the learning process more fun!

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