Spanish Learning Ideas & Resources

Do you struggle with the ways how to learn Spanish? Here we cover plenty of options like podcasts, books, games, apps, courses and even school!


Did you know that “play” in Spanish is translated as 3 different verbs? If you’d like to learn how to use them or if you’re just tired of mixing them, you need to read and practise with this post.

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Shopping in Spanish​

Let’s get ready to go on a shopping spree in a Hispanic country. With this post you’ll learn all the basics to speak and understand when you’re at the shops.

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Talking About Clothes, Accessories and Footwear in Spanish​

Talking about someone’s outfit and describing items of clothing, accessories and footwear in Spanish is a very common part of daily interactions among Hispanic people. To reach fluency you need to know and get the basic grammar and adjectives we’ve gathered in this post just for you! Let’s learn and practise together!

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Clothes, Accessories and Footwear in Spanish

Clothes are a fundamental topic in daily life. Wether you need to buy something in a shop in a Hispanic-speaking country or you ‘re just love fashion, you need to know these words. Here you have the most useful ones with fun and interactive exercises!

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