7 Spanish Blogs Every Spanish Learner Should Read

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spanish blogs
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The Untraditional Way of Learning Spanish

Would you like to learn Spanish, but haven’t yet had the time to attend a Spanish course that follows a strict schedule? Or do you already have some knowledge but would like to continue practicing? Well, why not start learning online at your own convenience with Spanish blogs?

The evolution and growth of technology have made many options available to satisfy educational needs. Take advantage of this opportunity and start learning Spanish by checking out some of the best blogs for Spanish learners! For some rhythm next to it check out our list of easy Spanish songs.

Why Learn Spanish with Blogs?

It gives you great flexibility, because, whenever you feel like it, you can immerse yourself in the world of Spanish as much as you want to. Also, you can benefit a lot from the experience that others share with you. Another advantage is that a lot of the information on the internet is free, which is why this method of learning Spanish is a very cost-effective one.

While you will find a lot of useful information on the internet, you will also find that the world wide web can be quite a jungle. Therefore, we have fought our way through this mass of information to collect what we consider would be most valuable to you.

Our Collection of the Top 7 Must-Read Spanish Blogs

The Spanish Language and Culture Blog “FluentU” has put together a great variety of content for you to use when approaching a language and provides a lot of useful information.

All the information is divided into 5 different categories: Beginner Spanish Tips, FluentU, Spanish Learning Resources, Spanish Learning Tips, Spanish Vocab and Grammar.

“FluentU” offers you unconventional material for more fun on your way to learning Spanish. They suggest valuable tips for learning the language with movies, music and helpful YouTube Channels as well as a collection of books for beginners.

Also, they regularly add new information, so you will surely never get bored.

You will soon discover the fun side of studying. Go ahead and find out for yourself!

The name says it all. In this blog, Rob from London, and Liz from Colombia, are trying to bring the ease of learning Spanish even closer to you.

Rob has a great passion for the Spanish language and culture as well as for teaching and linguistics. In “Spanish Obsessed,” he combines both. When he first moved to Spain to become an English teacher, he was struggling with the language as well, so he knows about the intricacies and best ways in which to approach the learning of Spanish.

Liz is from Colombia and came to the UK to improve her English and learn about the British culture.

They make the perfect team to teach us some Spanish, don’t you think?

They offer a lot of self-recorded audio material for beginners, for intermediates, as well as for advanced Spanish learners. A big advantage is the fact that they provide all material in English and Spanish at the same time.

Also, they have a section of different topics where they have put together Spanish phrases and vocabulary, a grammar zone, articles about Spanish pronunciation and tips and techniques with a lot of useful and well-structured content.

Don’t miss out on this Spanish blog! But be careful, it is contagious…

This “Spanish Language Blog” is ideal for those who seek very up-to-date information.

For example, they offer interesting news stories in parallel texts with English on one side and, of course, Spanish on the other side. As if this wasn’t good enough, there is also the option of listening to the news in Spanish.

These audios provide a great opportunity for you to improve your pronunciation and train your listening comprehension.

Furthermore, they have put together lists of useful vocabulary on different topics.

There is still a lot more to it though, so if you are keen on finding out more, you should definitely have a closer look.

This comprehensive blog is run by Andrew, the language geek.

He has written a book with excellent reviews about “The Telenovela Method: How to Learn Spanish Online Using Spanish TV, Music, Movies, Comics, Books, and More”.

In his book, as well as in his blog, he explains how he has managed to learn Spanish online and on his own.

He has a lot of very useful recommendations for you. All you have to do is to take a bit of time to read through all of them. It will definitely be worth it!

Native speaker, Laura Garrido Eslava from Bilbao, is the face behind “The Spanish Blog”. She has over 10 years of experience teaching Spanish not only online, but also in Spain and in the UK.

Unfortunately, not all of the material is free, but you will find many free samples that are especially useful for beginners. This includes YouTube videos.

The mission of “The Spanish Blog” is
>> to provide the most complete, most clearly explained, best quality, best value Spanish language learning material available anywhere and to tell as many people as we can all that we can about the wonderful country that is Spain. <<

Not to forget, there is some soothing music provided along with it to help you to practice your listening skills with a great selection of Spanish songs. Later, you can also check out the Spanish lyrics. This is a great way for you to improve both your listening and reading skills at the same time.

Moreover, they have put together a suggestion of Spanish TV series that you can watch online and for free as well as a few recommendations for movies. You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish and you don’t need to understand everything in order to enjoy these series. You will be surprised how much you understand in context.

The broad website “Notes in Spanish” is run by the Englishman Ben Curtis and Marina Diez from Spain. Both live in the vibrant city of Madrid.

Ben has written and also made podcasts for the “BBC” and the renowned “Lonely Planet”. Besides that, the duo have been interviewed about their website in Spain’s newspaper “El Paisas well as on the radio “Radio Nacional de España”.

They offer a wide range of free audio material about interesting real-life topics for Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced Spanish speakers and also, a “Gold” version for even more passionate and advanced speakers.

Worksheets and other bonuses are also available, but not for free. The good news is that “Notes in Spanish” have a policy of giving a percentage of all sales to charities each year, so you would actually give support and be doing something good at the same time.

The feedback they receive is outstanding, and you will see why once you check out Notes in Spanish.

“Peppy Burro” hands down is one of the most comprehensive websites when it comes to learning Spanish.

It’s founder, Amit Schandillia, is a language-learning evangelist and language enthusiast at first hand. He has written for Bright Hub Education Fluentin3Months and even written his own book, Spanish Vocabulary Bible: Memory Tricks for the Lazy Learner.

He shares broad knowledge around learning Spanish in his blog, and posts regularly.
All the knowledge is categorized in vocabulary, grammar, street Spanish, general tips, culture, and resources.

Make sure to check out this very inspiring blog. It’s worth every minute!

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