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Little Spanish Explorers

Discover Your Child's Learning Spark

¡Hola! Welcome to Little Spanish Explorers, the innovative online Spanish course designed for children ages 6-11. Our mission is to make learning Spanish a fun, engaging adventure that nurtures your child's unique learning style and helps them reach their full potential.

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Every child is unique.

Inspired by the theory of multiple intelligences, our curriculum is personalized to captivate and inspire your child, tapping into their individual strengths, whether linguistic, logical, musical, visual-spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or naturalistic.
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Our dynamic platform transforms learning into an exciting journey with:

Engaging games and creative exercises

Real-world scenarios to practice language skills

Captivating stories, vibrant visuals, and lively music

Experienced Teachers Dedicated to Your Child's Success

Our passionate instructors create a supportive, inclusive atmosphere where every child is encouraged to explore their potential. With their nurturing guidance, your child will gain the confidence to use Spanish in real life.

Flexible Learning that Fits Your Schedule

Access our online course 24/7 from any device. Your child can learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever works for your family.

Benefits of the
Personalized Learning

Qualified teachers

Empathetic, qualified teachers combined with digital tools for an immersive experience.

20+ years of experience

Over 20 years of refining teaching methods to meet evolving educational needs.

Engaging Lessons

Engaging multimedia lessons with games to make learning Spanish a joy.


Tailored lesson plans matching your child's learning style and adaptive materials evolving with your child's progress.

We Use
The Best Virtual Classroom Software on the Market

(No, it's not Zoom)
Spanish for kids

We don't use Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet, but a special online classroom tool that provides the best interactive learning experience possible. It's simple and easy to use; you don't need to install additional software. It means:

Meet our awesome teachers

We handpick teachers who are the best in teaching Spanish to kids and teenagers. All of our teachers:


Schedule your child's lessons

Give your child the language journey that unlocks their potential. At Little Spanish Explorers, we blend the perfect activities to captivate their abilities and inspire their love of learning Spanish.

How To Book Online Lessons With Us?

Check out the video guide below or get in touch with our support at [email protected].

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