Level 24 (B2.8)

Congratulations! You've reached the highest level of the 24 Level System To Spanish Fluency by gaining the MAXIMUM SCORE on all the level tests. As a fluent Spanish speaker, you can now understand complex topics, speak in conversation with fluidity, and pick up in conversation just like that! Cheers to that, amigo!

What's next? The only way is up! To reach your peak potential in the Spanish language, it's super important to work on your language skills on a consistent basis. Imagine all the doors that could open up -- in both professional and personal capacities -- once you reach a certain proficiency. It takes constant practice and self-determination to achieve Spanish Mastery!

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Not interested in a more detailed evaluation of your Spanish strength but keen to achieve the next level? Here are your options!



Online Lessons

Practice with a native teacher! At FUIA, we offer you different online Spanish lesson options all taught by our qualified, native Spanish teachers who have years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.

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Exam Preparation

Are you thinking of taking the DELE exam to finally get proof of your Spanish knowledge? Take our unique DELE exam preparation online lessons and get all the tips and tricks from our own certified DELE examiners.



Conversation Lessons

There are so many great sources to learn Spanish online. But there's one skill that they can't teach you. Speaking Spanish! In our conversation online lessons, our friendly and experienced native teachers will help you to finally achieve your Spanish speaking goals!

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