Level 11 (B1.2)

You’re level B1.2! 😉 You already know how to express possibility, hypothesis and wishes. You are able to tell facts in the past tense, give advice and instructions and to talk to doctors. Finally, you know the use of direct and indirect object pronouns and the imperative.In the next level, B1.3, you will learn to give and ask for information and to buy on the market. You will be able to give advice, to talk about experiences and to make comparisons. While that, you will learn to conjugate the conditional simple and to differentiate the pretérito perfecto simple (indefinido) and the pretérito imperfecto.

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Not interested in a more detailed evaluation of your Spanish strength but keen to achieve the next level? Here are your options!



Online Lessons

Practice with a native teacher! At FUIA, we offer you different online Spanish lesson options all taught by our qualified, native Spanish teachers who have years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.



2-Week Online Course

Our Spanish online courses are the perfect mixture of self-study content, and live lessons and tutoring with a teacher. At the end of the 2 week course, you’ll take a final exam and receive a certificate.



Resource Sheets

Learn with the best Spanish Resources on the internet. Our teachers opened their treasure chest and we now offer you the right resource sheet for your exact level. You can choose out of 24 levels (sheets) in total.

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Videos [NEW!]

Everybody loves to learn Spanish with videos and on Youtube, there are so many of them. So, what's the difference between our new channel and the competition? Two things mainly: We have our own system in place and we have Carmen.

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Want to learn Spanish in the car, on the train or at the beach? Then sign up for the podcast with Juanjo, our popular Spanish teacher! Each episode belongs to a specific level of the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency.

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