Easy Spanish Songs – Learning the Fun Way!

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easy spanish songs
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Catchy Tunes are the Best Vocabulary Trainers

Who doesn’t know them? Those songs that get stuck in your head. You hear a song one time and you can’t stop humming the melody.

They are the famous catchy tunes!

Of course they can be really annoying but you can also use them in a really good way! Catchy tunes can help you learn Spanish! Forget about beefing up on vocabulary and boring grammar!

Learn la lengua española with easy Spanish songs!

Learn Spanish anywhere you want

There are a lot of audiobooks and Spanish dialogues you can listen to, but nothing gets you in a good mood quite like listening to music!

With Spanish songs you can practice your listening comprehension whenever and wherever you want to. It doesn’t matter if you are riding the train, driving your car, or playing sports. You can even listen to music while drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning. Music can be everywhere!

spanish songs coffee headphones
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Authentic pronunciation the easy way

You have probably had this experience one time or another: You’ve learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar, read articles in the foreign language, and completed translation after translation. Basically, you would say: I speak Spanish confidently.

Then you excitedly visit the country and you literally don’t understand the world anymore. Half of the words sound really strange to you and when you say a grammatically correct sentence, people give you confused looks. Learning the authentic pronunciation through books is nearly impossible.

In Spanish songs, by contrast, there are many commonly-used phrases and vocabulary. So from the beginning you get a feeling for the language and its rhythm.

It’s so much more than just a song!

The joy of learning language through music is that you can learn any dialect that you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mexican, Argentinian or Andalusian. Look for a native musician, listen to their music in Spanish, and enjoy!

You not only get a feeling for the everyday language, but you also get to know the culture.

How do South Americans deal with heartbreak? How do the Spanish celebrate? The singers sing about their lives and you can learn Spanish along the way.

Calle 13, a group from Puerto Rico, gives profound insight into the culture and history of Latin America. In their song, “Latinoamérica”, you can learn a lot of themes like poverty, pride and justice.

You can find the lyrics here.

Subconscious memorization

Due to the synaptic formations in your brain, which are stimulated by the melody and lyrics of music, you can memorize vocabulary and sentences better than by rote learning.

Your whole body will remember the Spanish song: Your head nods to the beat of the music, your feet tap to the rhythm of the bass drum, and your lips pronounce Spanish words. Often there will be also a picture in your mind and there is a feeling created by each song.

In your mind, there will only be the Spanish language. Nobody will be able to distract you!

5 Tips for Learning with Easy Spanish Songs

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Before you start listening to your first Spanish songs, have a look at these tips:

  1. Choose songs you really love! The song should make you dance. The melody should stay in your head and the rhythm should go through your whole body. This connection with the music will cause you to subconsciously remember the words. You will listen to the song again and again, so many times that you start to memorize every word and every individual change in rhythm. One word – “DESPACITO”. We can all sing along this easy Spanish song.

  2. At the beginning it’s advisable to choose songs with subtitles, so you can connect the lyrics with the right words.

  3. Ballads are perfect Spanish songs for beginners as in calm songs the pronunciation is more clear and the lyrics are easier to understand than in rap songs. Start with ballads and improve your listening continuously until you even understand hip hop songs!

  4. First, you should search for words you already know. After that you should look up any unknown words. With this method you can develop your Spanish vocabulary step by step. You’ll see, after a few songs you will recognize more and more words!

  5. Advanced learners can go one level higher. Write down what you hear and double check the lyrics after that! You kill two birds with one stone: You practice your listening comprehension and your orthography at the same time!

Learning a language doesn’t have to be hard!

Don’t ever stress out when learning a language! Science has proven: the more relaxed you are, the better you will perform and learn.

If you like playing games, check out Spanish learning games.

With lyricstraining.com for example, you can learn Spanish by watching music videos, which is a really fun way to learn a language! You choose your favorite Spanish song and your game mode. Lyrics run along the bottom of the video with a gap in the text. Beginners fill only a few missing words in. The higher your level, the more words you have to fill in the gaps.

Challenge yourself!

Entertaining grammar lessons

With Spanish songs you can not only practice your listening comprehension and increase your vocabulary, you can also improve your grammar skills!

Listening to hit songs in Spanish can massively help to improve your knowledge of grammar. You can find really helpful websites with various Spanish songs related to specific grammar topics – for example, future, gerund or past tense.

Put your headphones on and get started!

Especially catchy tunes

In the following block, you will find a little taste of Spanish songs with subtitles. Be careful, they could be way too catchy!

There are a lot of Spanish classics as well as current hits on this website. The lyrics aren’t included in the videos, but are available next to them. It’s perfect for advanced learners who want to immediately check if the words they hear are correct.

You see, there are a lot of possibilities to learn Spanish through easy Spanish songs. You just have to take it easy and make learning fun!

Choose your catchy tune and you will become a real Spanish professional!

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