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Learn Spanish with your friends!

Closed Groups Spanish online lessons

Gather your friends and take your Spanish to the next level with our private online group lessons! Perfect for groups of 3-5 friends at similar skill levels, our classes offer a unique opportunity to learn Spanish together in a fun, supportive environment. Choose from our list of courses to find the one that suits you, tailored to fit just your group’s needs. It's the ideal way for you and your friends to bond over new skills and help each other grow. Sign up today and start your journey to Spanish fluency together!

Key Features

Closed Groups
Spanish Online Classes

3-5 Students Groups

Learning Spanish has never been so fun! Study with your friends to boost your motivation and master the Spanish language faster.

You Decide Your Goals

During our lesson we can focus on your group's Spanish objectives and goals to rapidly progress towards fluency.

Qualified, Native Spanish Teachers

All of our teachers are super qualified, well trained and have years of experience in teaching Spanish. Learning from them is a pure pleasure.

Flexible Online Class Schedule

Practice wherever and whenever you want – We offer you a flexible timetable where you decide when’s the best time to practice some Spanish.

Easy Meeting Software

For the online lessons, we use our own platform. No need to register or create a user: just click on the link we send you, and we start talking!

Our Private Groups Lessons

General Spanish

Our General Spanish lessons are fun and interactive and tailored to your learning goals. They are the fastest way to go from beginner to fluent in Spanish using the 24 Level System.

Conversation Spanish

Master the most in-demand skill with our online Spanish conversation classes, connecting you with native speakers for authentic practice and fluency development. Our interactive classes focus on common phrases and natural language flow, setting you apart from app-based learning limitations.

Conversation Spanish class
Preparation for DELE and SIELE exams

DELE / SIELE Exam Preparation

Boost your DELE exam success with our experienced Spanish-speaking teachers and customized lessons for any level. Take flexible lessons to build confidence, reach your desired proficiency, and excel in the exam for job or university applications in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish for Kids

Let’s give your child the gift of fluency in Spanish. We teach children Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way, as easily and naturally as they learn their native language.

Spanish for Teens

Nurture your child's cognitive and social growth with our engaging, personalized Spanish classes tailored to their unique interests and learning style. Let them explore, create, and have fun while developing language skills in a stress-free, safe environment filled with diverse materials and interactive activities.

Business Spanish

Empower your employees with our 24 Levels System to Spanish Fluency®, unlocking global communication and professional growth opportunities. Invest in Spanish language programs to foster loyalty, enhance cross-border communication, and boost productivity, ultimately driving your enterprise's success.

Live Online Lessons

How to Start Your First Lesson?

Take our Level Test

If your group is booking a Spanish lesson with us, we recommend you take a placement test to make sure you are all at the same level.

Schedule Your Lesson(s)

During the booking process, you choose the type of lesson, amount of lessons, their duration, a teacher, and dates and times of your lessons.

Before you check out, we will ask you for the level you achieved on the placement test, and some questions, which help the teacher prepare the lessons.

How To Book Online Lessons With Us?

Check out the video guide below or get in touch with our support at [email protected].

Join Your Lesson

To make sure you don’t miss your live lesson, we will send your group's organizer (the person who completes the form and enters their details) a confirmation email and 2 reminders: 24 hours and 1 hour before your next lesson. 15 minutes before the class, your instructor will email you a link to the virtual classroom that was prepared for you. Just click on the link, and your teacher will welcome you to your first virtual Spanish lesson at „Let’s Speak Spanish!”
Your teacher records the complete lesson for later viewing and shares the material used with you.


Closed Groups Spanish Lessons are private, online classes designed for groups of 3 to 5 friends with similar Spanish proficiency levels. This setup allows you and your friends to learn and grow together in a fun, interactive environment.

You can select from different types of lessons: General Spanish, Conversation Spanish, DELE / SIELE Exam Preparation, Spanish for Kids, Spanish for Teens, Business Spanish. During the booking process, you can specify your lesson type based on your group’s needs.

We recommend that all group members take a placement test before booking. This ensures everyone is at a similar level, which enhances the learning experience for the whole group.

Our classes are led by qualified, native Spanish teachers who have years of experience. Their expertise makes learning both effective and enjoyable.

Depending on the type of course you choose, each lesson can last 45, 60 or 90 minutes, providing ample time to dive deep into learning while keeping the session engaging.

We offer a flexible schedule where you can choose the best times for your group to practice Spanish. This means you can learn at your convenience, fitting classes into your group’s routine.

Our lessons are conducted using our own platform, which is simple to use. No need to register or create a user. You’ll receive a link from your instructor—just click on it at the scheduled time to join your class.

Once your group decides on the type and number of lessons and completes the booking, you’ll receive a link to your virtual classroom. We also send the group’s organizer two reminder emails: 24 hours and 1 hour before each lesson.

Yes, each lesson is recorded if the teacher and the students agree to do so, allowing you to revisit the class whenever you want. Additionally, your teacher will share all the materials used during the class for further study and practice.

Book Your Online Lessons

How To Book Online Lessons With Us?

Check out the video guide below or get in touch with our support at [email protected].

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