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It’s time to go shopping in Mexico or Madrid or any other Spanish-speaking place you’re spending some time in. But… do you know what to say in these kinds of situations? Do you know how to ask for your size or for the changing rooms in Spanish? Would you like to learn how to do it? Then keep reading and improving with this post!

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In the shop

Here you have an example of a conversation between a client and a shop assistant in a shop. Listen to the dialogue and pay close attention to the pronunciation and the structures they use. But first, let’s have a look at the basic vocabulary you might need. 

Listen to the following dialogue.

Useful Phrases for shopping in Spanish

Now that you’ve seen a real-life conversation in a shop, it’s time to sum up all those useful phrases you might need. When it’s shopping time we’ve got you covered!


Attention! In Spanish we don’t use the verb COMPRAR (to buy) when we want to purchase something in a shop, we use the following structure:

                                                me + lo/la/los/las + llevo

The object pronoun lo/la/los/las depends on the item we are buying.
el chaleco: me lo llevo
la blusa azul: me la llevo
los zapatos: me los llevo
las botas de montaña: me las llevo

Practical exercises

After all we’ve seen… Do you think you’d be able to understand a conversation in a shop? Do you feel confident enough to go for a shopping spree in a Spanish-speaking country?

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