Nathy Peluso: a Modern Icon with an Old Twist

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If you are a fan of the music in Spanish, you will know that there is something for everyone: pop, rock, indie, urban, Latin… There is an artist who blends and plays with different genres, who has made of her career an example of eclecticism. We are talking about the Argentinian singer, composer and musician Nathy Peluso.


On May 24th 2024, Nathy Peluso released her latest album called Grasa, so what better time to improve your Spanish to the rhythm of this audiovisual experience. This fourth album includes Latin tracks (salsa and bolero), R&B, Hip Hop, rap and pop.

In Argentinian slang grasa means ‘vulgar’ and she wanted to redefine or reformulate that term and eliminate the negative sense with this new musical project. 

Below is a list of the 16 songs that form this album with links to the official music videos. Listen and enjoy!

A brief biography

Natalia Peluso, better known artistically as Nathy Peluso, was born in 1995 in Luján, Argentina. She moved with her family to Spain in 2004, where she studied Audiovisual Communication and different artistic disciplines. 

She started to upload to youtube covers of great classics like the one you can see below by Ray Charles.

She has released 4 studio albums: Esmeralda (2017), La sandunguera (2018), Calambre (2020) and Grasa (2024), and different singles that are not included in any album.

Nathy Peluso's musts

In 2023 Nathy Peluso made the typical Vogue video in which celebrities show and explain what they carry in their handbags. Do you want to test your listening comprehension? Then watch the video and answer the questions.

Now answer the questions using the information in the video. Feel free to re-watch the video as many times as you like.


Let's practise with a Latin beat

Each track has its own music video (16 in total) and they all work like a film where the artist plays different characters that fit in with the story she sings in the song. We have selected to practice one of the most Latin songs on the album: La presa. With this track we have an example of classic salsa and a perfect opportunity to practice our listening comprehension and learn new vocabulary and expressions.

Let’s practise and learn something new!


Test your listening skills (B2-C2)

 If you are a more advanced learner (B2-C2) we highly recommend you to watch this interview with Nathy Peluso for the release of her album Grasa and test your listening skills with the exercises below. Good luck!

Let’s try working with a real-life conversation. Watch the video and do the exercises.

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