The 13 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

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Learning Spanish Is Easy with YouTube Videos and Courses!

Have you ever considered studying Spanish on YouTube?

One of the easiest and most free ways to learn Spanish online is through YouTube!

YouTube is probably something you use for education without even realizing it. Have you ever watched a tutorial showing how to assemble IKEA furniture or get through a level on a game? We already know that videos are useful for learning things, so why not Spanish as well?

YouTube has become an empire of educational resources, which includes lots of tools for learning Spanish. Due to the abundance of sources, it can be difficult to decide which videos will be helpful. So we’ve put together a list of all the best channels for learning Spanish for free on YouTube.

Why Learn Spanish on YouTube?

First of all, you might be asking why would I learn Spanish with YouTube?

Below are some of the reasons why, after reading this article, you should head straight to YouTube to improve your Spanish:

  • Learning Spanish on YouTube is convenient. Since you can watch YouTube from any device with an internet connection, you can use it to learn Spanish anytime and anywhere. It’s easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. This also means you can pause and rewind as often as you like, with no judgment.
  • A wide variety of videos are available for any level, learner, or interest. Beginners can start with travel Spanish vocabulary or learn the foundations first. Advanced learners can focus on specific grammar rules or enhance their listening skills. Just enter your interest in the search bar and you’ll find plenty of videos!
  • While you might have books or structured lessons in a classroom, it’s always a good idea to expand your source of language learning.
  • Learning a new language in the context is a good way to remember new vocabulary. Moreover, your visualisation helps the brain to connect the dots and remember new information better.
  • However you feel about it, YouTube offers some excellent Spanish learning content. The need to compete with the rest of YouTube has forced these teachers to elevate their game.
  • Plus, it’s free!

How to Learn Spanish on YouTube

What are the key advantages of learning Spanish on YouTube online?

  • Learning channels offer videos that are specifically designed to help you learn Spanish. Learning channels are an ideal choice for any beginning Spanish student since they generally offer a more structured approach to learning. However, more advanced students can also benefit from picking and choosing lessons on topics they’re struggling with.
  • The use of subtitles option is a huge plus. Use it whenever you need it whether it is a long grammar explanation or just a conversation between natives. Videos subtitled in Spanish, English or both can be particularly helpful for beginning students since you can refer to the subtitles if you can’t understand a word. Moreover, to help you practice your Spanish in a nicer way, you can watch doubted your favourite cartoons.
  • Watching content from Spain or Spanish-speaking countries is a great way to listen to native speakers. By listening to your favourite Spanish-language YouTube channels you will increase your learning exponentially. The ideal way is to watch videos every day. This way, you build from your previous day’s learning without forgetting too much information between sessions.

Our Tips:

  • Mix and match channels to help you understand Spanish in different contexts. Particularly when you’re just starting to learn Spanish, it can be difficult to understand it outside of the one context you’re familiar with. Using a variety of YouTube channels will help you practice Spanish in a variety of contexts, which will make your skills more adaptable and flexible for any situation you might encounter.
  • For beginners, the comments sections of learning videos are a great place to ask content-specific questions. If you’re learning Spanish independently, this additional support from other learners can be just what you need to drive you towards greater fluency. For more advanced learners, comments sections can be a great place to practice reading and writing in Spanish.

Top Tips to Enhance Your Spanish

  1. Use a learning channel that provides authentic content like the list below.
  2. Watch Spanish videos with subtitles (if you understand most of it, try not to use subtitles).
  3. Try different channels to see what you like best. So don’t stay on the first channel you see. Look around and try different YouTubers.
  4. Watch Spanish videos about any topic you can think of to understand the language in various contexts.
  5. Watch Spanish videos on the topics you are interested in. This way you will be more involved and would learn how to talk about “your” topic in Spanish.
  6. Re-watch the videos often to get a feeling for the language. Download it on your phone or your laptop to watch it on the bus, train, park etc.
  7. Exchange experiences with other users on the same page. Maybe they can help you or vice versa.

13 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

lirica youtube
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This channel focuses on studying the Spanish language with Spanish music. The company has an app for studying but YouTube videos are also good as a break from Spanish grammar. You have the song in Spanish plus the translation in English below. Once you get a little tired or exhausted from the exercises you can switch to the fun song part and still keep practicing and improving your skills.
The music choice depends on the popular trends and what is important in the Spanish speaking countries, therefore, you will always be updated on the important and popular culture.

butterfly youtube
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Butterfly Spanish covers almost everything there is to learn about the Spanish language.
Ana, your tutor in this channel, is a native speaker, lives in a Spanish speaking country and studied linguistics. In her videos, she teaches grammar, vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation and will show you exactly how native speakers talk. Recently, Ana started posting stories to improve comprehension but we recommend checking her profile for grammar. She knows all about the different specialities of Mexican Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Spanish in Spain. There are topics for beginners, intermediates and advanced Spanish students. Usually, she uses Spanish and English for her explanations. Her videos are super detailed and usually take 30 minutes.

juan youtube
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As it is seen from the title this channel is led by Juan. A Spanish who lives in London. Juan considers Spanish to be a language that must be studied in context. He tells real and fake stories, describes situations in the world, gives useful tips for learning the language, focuses on specific phrases and explains the Spanish way of thinking.
Juan has a fun personality. Watching his videos is always fun because he always makes the personality fit the subject matter. Each video has a transcript and useful exercises to practice what you’ve just heard. Moreover, he has his own books, courses and a podcast.

why not spanish youtube
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Another helpful YouTube channel to learn Spanish in context. Two hosts, Maria – a Spanish teacher and Cody – a Spanish learner, show you the correct way to speak, which word to choose over the other and just share interesting stories in Spanish. They cover daily situations, culture and methods that worked for them in studying the language. The focus is mainly on Colombian culture and the Spanish they use there. Subtitles are available if needed.
tu escuela de espanol youtube
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As you might have gathered from the name, this channel is taught all in Spanish. There are Spanish subtitles and a few English ones as well. Next to grammar, vocabulary and quotes you will be taught about daily life and the main customs of Spain. There are lots of long videos with explanations about specific grammar rules where you have the teacher speaking and the examples on the whiteboard. The tutor provides more exercises on a website and you can also take Skype and online Spanish classes with her regardless of your level.
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This is our YouTube channel that is new but growing. For now, we have introductory lessons for Spanish learners. You can see detailed explanations, examples and also how real students learn new things. There are also vocabulary videos to learn new words in context and a podcast series. On our website – we also have useful blogposts on Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary and different guides on how else you can learn Spanish online.
maria espanol youtube
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María is a passionate Spanish native who creates all sorts of content for intermediate and advanced learners. She gives more advanced options for Spanish expressions, explains culture in Spain (which things are better not to do, what to say and what not to say), introduces you to informal vocabulary and of course explains the grammar.
culture alley youtube
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CultureAlley is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching various languages from scratch. Thankfully, Spanish is among the featured languages. The lessons are numbered, so it’s easy to follow them in order. Explanations are in English, so this is a great way for Spanish students to learn the basics of the language. There is a limited amount of episodes and it seems like the new ones are not coming, however, if you go to the beginning you will see the previous videos.
the spanish dude youtube
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The Spanish Dude Jordan is actually not a native speaker and knows what it feels like to struggle with learning the Spanish language as he used to even fail his Spanish courses in high school. After he studied abroad and travelled Spain and South America he fell in love with the Spanish language: studying, practising, talking. He now wants you to love it too and that is how he structures his videos: simple and fun! The videos have English explanations and describe grammatical concepts, differences between words, interesting phrases and much more.
agustin iruela youtube
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The channel Augustin Iruela is hosted by VideoEle, the official resource with Spanish exercises, grammar etc. There you find videos for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. If necessary you can turn on subtitles and find transcripts, didactic guides and solutions of the activities for free on their website. The videos are not extraordinary but they give you information according to your level so you can easily understand it.
spanish and go youtube
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A couple from Puerto Rico, May a native from Mexico and Jim her husband from the United States, teach you Spanish in two languages from two perspectives. The couple knows how Spanish learners feel and tries to answer all the tricky questions, how to ask for directions, tipping in South America, best places to visit, national food etc. They focus on specific vocabulary and culture.
practiquemos youtube
  • Save gives you access to free Spanish exercises, PDFs and MP3s. To make your study experience perfect the equivalent YouTube channel provides you with videos to learn Spanish as well. Catalina Moreno E., the host of the page, has been teaching Spanish for more than a decade, which makes her an absolute expert in what she does. She explains how to correctly pronounce specific letters or words, where to put tilde or how to use the past tenses.
pro spanish youtube
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Learn Spanish offers a selection of different videos which mostly aim at helping you improve your grammar and vocabulary. Explanations are provided in English to make it easier for you to understand the rules. Many videos also use printed words to help you read along, and others feature an adorable and helpful daughter Ana who might be the best Spanish tutor you’ll ever have!

Well, there you have it, the ultimate list of useful Spanish resources on YouTube. Immersion in YouTube Spanish is great but it’s no substitute for learning in interaction with real native speakers. So to make your learning experience perfect – book one of our Online Private Spanish Classes! Be taught at any level by our professional native teachers and finally become fluent in Spanish!

How to Improve your Spanish Learning Outcomes with YouTube

  1. Pause and re-watch the video if you don’t understand something.
  2. Turn on subtitles if you’re a beginner.
  3. Re-watch videos from time to time so the new vocabulary and grammar rules are set forever.
  4. Slow it down.
  5. Focus on what you’re listening to.
  6. Keep a notebook for new vocabulary and grammar explanations.
  7. Put the video on in the background sometimes (if it’s a story or a conversation. If it’s a grammar video you need to be more attentive).
  8. Use other resources that complement the learning process, for example, a Spanish course or private lessons.
  9. Try to change the speed of the video. Too fast? Slow the speed down. Too easy and you want to push yourself? Speed it up. You will actually be amazed at how well you can understand.
  10. Write a summary of the video.
  11. Make time for it every day or week.

Happy learning! ¡Hablemos Español!

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