11 Best Apps to Learn Spanish in 2023 [+Infographics]

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How to Find the Best Apps to Learn Spanish

Do you dream to say one day “¡Yo hablo español!” and join the 500 million people around the world that speak Spanish?

If you want to learn Spanish in a cheaper way, or perhaps you don’t have time for classes and want to learn it while in transport or during lunch break then learning Spanish with an app is the best idea!

By using the best Spanish apps, you learn the language in an enjoyable and convenient way.

There are hundreds of Spanish learning apps available, so how do you choose the one that suits you?

Don’t worry – we’ve done all the work for you! We’ve researched and tested different apps to help you pick the best one based on your level and the skills you want to improve. Here are 11 great apps you can use to learn Spanish today, improving writing, listening, speaking, spelling, reading, grammar, or vocabulary.

Our List of the 11 Best Apps to Learn Spanish

Our team researched and analyzed in depth these Spanish learning apps. We’ve kept in mind the different levels of learners, and investigated tools and widgets that are helpful to support the learning process. Read what we think about each one of them.

1. Duolingo

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We would be lying if we hadn’t included Duolingo. 

Launched in 2011, Duolingo now has over 500 million users worldwide (2022) and around 40 million monthly active users. At the moment, Duolingo offers 43 languages to learn.

Its user-friendly interface and the highly engaging system makes it a good introductory app for first-time learners. Beginners are exposed to a good amount of vocabulary regarding different topics.

Duolingo also has a new feature that allows you to complete short stories regarding different topics. You have to fulfill little tasks that test your comprehension of the story. 


  • Great design, entertaining and enjoyable
  • Short classes: no more than 10 minutes each
  • Gamified learning system (skill levels, day streak, levelling up, fluency meter etc.) keeps you engaged and motivated
  • Bonus lessons:
    – Flirting and pick up lines (yes, you read that right!)
    – Idioms and proverbs


    • Mostly good for beginners so not suitable for serious learners
    • No proper grammatical explanations (you’re supposed to learn intuitively)
    • Not specialized in Spanish (standardized procedure for 43 languages)

$ 6.99 / month

2. Memrise

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Memrise is THE language vocabulary app. Each lesson helps you learn around 15 words, and with consistency, you can build a huge vocabulary arsenal. Memrise makes learning a game in a similar way to Duolingo.

Instead of monotone learning, you see the words as part of complete sentences which makes it much more interactive. The uniqueness of Memrise as a Spanish learning app lies in the variety of courses, as you can also create your own course.

Clips with native speakers in different contexts and funny situations are very helpful to see the vocabulary in the context. The app allows you to sharpen your comprehension skills and become familiar with the different types of Spanish. 

Looking for more comprehension practice? Check The 17 Best Spanish Podcasts list to get an idea of what to listen to next.


  • Diversity of courses and topics
  • Entertaining phrases and explanations
  • Play and compete with friends
  • Great user interface


  • Weak grammatical explanations
  • The uneven quality of the courses
  • Only useful if you commit to using it every day
  • Not specialized in Spanish

$ 6.99 per month
$ 49.99 per year (check out for discounts)
$ 99.99 lifetime access

3. Busuu

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Busuu is a great option between a paid and free app.

The app includes comprehensive grammatical lessons with very useful exercises that not only can help beginners to gain a solid foundation for good Spanish grammar, but also can potentially help intermediate learners to achieve the next level of Spanish proficiency.

Busuu uses a wide variety of pictures and audio files to help you expand your vocabulary. It has plenty of useful resources for text comprehension, allowing you to focus on understanding dialogues to get familiar with the language.

It also offers the opportunity to interact with other users and native speakers so you can  exchange and correct your written exercises. The language learning levels range from A1 to B2.

There is extra premium content like podcasts, but regardless of the paid features, it’s a really useful app for learning Spanish. 


  • Very easy to use and quite engaging
  • Good quality and a wide variety of topics
  • Possibility to talk to other learners
  • Possibility to contact native speakers through chat


  • No tutor
  • Need to pay a premium plan to continue with your progress

$ 11.99 per month
$ 41.94 for 6 months ($ 6.99 per month)
$ 59.88 for 12 months ($ 4.99 per month)
Check for discounts on special holidays

4. MosaLingua

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MosaLingua holds a good ranking when it comes to Spanish language apps. Most of its success lies in its structure. There are loads of sub-categories, variety, and levels from beginner to advanced.

Depending on your learning style, this app might be very effective for you. The feature that stands out the most with this app is its flashcard tool, the SRS – Spaced Repetition System. Sounds cosmic right?

The app has a built-in list of flashcards, enhancing your long-term memory when it comes to useful words and phrases you want to learn. In fact, these cards contain audio recordings by native speakers, so you can’t mispronounce words. Additionally, there’s an option to browse and learn about Spanish grammar rules if you’re looking for further clarification.

Unfortunately, the free content in this app is limited. But if MosaLingua’s system is something that could be effective for you, you should consider buying the full app to unlock the other levels.


  • Explore topics that you desire freely
  • Hands-free mode (speak only)
  • Flashcards are an efficient way of learning
  • No invasive push notifications


  • Not recommended for cramming before a test or a trip abroad
  • Very limited free content

$ 4.99 per month
$ 59.90 per year

5. Babbel

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Babbel is a premium, subscription-based language learning app, offering 14 different languages from beginner to intermediate. It contains solid and structured courses that can help you with your writing, reading and listening skills in Spanish.

Just like the other apps mentioned above, this one offers plenty of exercises such as texts to read, phrases to complete and audios to listen to. They’re all based on different topics and everyday scenarios. Some exercises require you to repeat out loud certain phrases, pushing you to practice your speaking skills.

Although the user interface of Babbel is not the best out there, this app allows you to freely choose different levels and topics to find the one that best suits you. It also has a good structure that explains certain concepts of Spanish grammar which sometimes an average learner might find tricky.


  • Easy-to-understand grammar tips
  • Focuses on long-term retention by reintroducing words and phrases periodically
  • Review Manager, with review sessions


  • Courses only available up to an intermediate level
  • Does not keep you engaged in terms of content
  • Lacks some fun and some exercises are a bit repetitive

$ 10.50 per month
$ 24.90 for 3 months ($ 8.30 per month)
$ 39.60 for 6 months ($ 6.60 per month)
$ 59.40 for 12 months ($ 4.95 per month)

6. Rosetta Stone

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What makes Rosetta Stone stand out among the other apps is that it teaches everything in Spanish. You learn words in context – through audios and visuals that mirror everyday situations. This immersion may be exhausting, especially at the beginning, but it is the most effective way to learn a language – just like you did as a child!

You can choose whether you want to learn Spanish spoken in Spain or Latin America.

A great tool that Rosetta Stone offers is the Phrasebook. It gives you lots of common and useful sentences that will help you in your daily life. That’s especially great for traveling as it is also available offline. You can even download the full lessons, so you can learn Spanish anytime and anywhere.

The speech recognition technology compares your pronunciation to that of native speakers and makes you repeat the words until you get them right. If all that isn’t enough, you can also schedule lessons with a live tutor and practice your Spanish by talking to a native speaker, but this feature costs extra.


  • Learning from context
  • Professional pronunciation feedback
  • Lets you download complete content to learn offline


  • No translations or explicit grammar
  • Subscription necessary and fees are quite high

$ 35.97 for 3 months ($ 59.97 with Online Tutor)
$ 119.88 for 12 months ($ 179.88 with Online Tutor)
$ 199.00 for 24 months ($ 299.00 with Online Tutor)
You have many options as you can choose to pay for one language or all of them

7. FluentU

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FluentU tries to teach you Spanish the ‘natural way’. The app provides real-world interactive videos like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspirational speeches. You’ll learn Spanish while getting to know the Spanish culture. Watch the videos with transcripts or translations and simply click on the word or phrase you want to know the meaning of. As you are loaded with native content only, this app is more tailored for advanced learners.

In order to focus on learning vocabulary, you can add words to your list, quiz yourself on the vocabulary, or have a look into the bilingual dictionary where you can see how the word is used in context.

If you like to learn with movies, then check our post 25 +Movies that Will Help You Learn Spanish.


  • Engaging videos that suit your taste
  • Good for learning vocabulary
  • Learning in the context and what interests you


  • No grammatical explanations
  • No speaking or writing required
  • Very pricey

$ 29.99 per month
$ 239.99 for 12 months ($ 19.99 per month)

8. Mondly

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Mondly is the allrounder among Spanish learning apps. It provides exercises for reading, listening, writing and speaking, and offers tools like a dictionary and a verb conjugator. The user-friendly and professional interface makes the app stand out among similar apps.

Mondly’s approach is to mix multiple learning methods. You can complete daily lessons with fun exercises and practice by talking to a Chatbot. It’s especially useful for beginners as there are daily lessons that teach core vocabulary, sentence building, and the basics of conversational Spanish. 

But what makes Mondly really special is the Virtual Reality tool. You learn how to speak Spanish by practicing real-life situations in the comfort of your own home, which is especially great for visual learners.


  • Highly innovative
  • Many features that keep you motivated


  • No grammar explanations
  • Not challenging enough for advanced learners

$ 9.99 per month
$ 47.99 for 12 months

9. HiNative

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HiNative is a Question & Answer community for language learners of every language. This means you can get answers from Spanish native speakers all over the world.

It’s possible to upload audio in order to have your pronunciation checked or to hear a certain region’s accent. You can also upload pictures of things or signs that you want to know more about.

Another great thing about this community is that you can ask for suggestions if you travel or move to a Spanish-speaking place. You receive tips from the most reliable source… locals! Whether you want to know more about Spanish customs, secret spots, the best place to eat or nightlife – you will be more than just a normal tourist.

The app is free, but you can upgrade to a premium subscription to have unlimited access to all the additional features. 


  • Exchange with native speakers
  • Realistic information
  • Your written tasks can be corrected


  • Not very useful for beginners as you don’t learn basic grammar
  • Self-initiated learning – if you don’t use it actively, you won’t make a lot of progress

$ 5.68 per month
$ 59.63 for 12 months ($ 4.96 per month)

10. LingoDeer

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LingoDeer offers gamified Spanish lessons that are quite similar to Duolingo. Additionally, it provides very helpful grammar notes within every unit that many other Spanish learning apps don’t offer.

At the very beginning, you learn the alphabet in-depth, which is great for focusing on the correct Spanish pronunciation from the very start. 

There are multiple ways to review your progress. You can evaluate yourself with the help of flashcards or take a quick quiz. Also, the short stories at the end of each unit are a good way to recap what you just learned.

You can start using LingoDeer for free. Of course, you will only have access to the introductory lessons. But that’s a good way to find out whether the app is the right one for you before paying.


  • Grammar explanations
  • Diverse lesson structure


  • Not specialized in Spanish so content is not perfected
  • Lack of exercises for oral communication

$ 14.99 per month
$ 39.99 for 3 months
$ 79.99 for 12 months
$ 159.99 for lifetime access

11. Lingo Arcade

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Are you interested in playing games? The app Lingo Arcade features four, fun game modes that help you to get a feeling for the Spanish language. The app includes a huge library of words and sentences that will improve your vocabulary and comprehension.

Lingo Arcade is appropriate for beginners as well as for intermediate Spanish learners. You can simply choose the level that’s right for you. 

It’s also a great way to introduce children to learning Spanish as it’s very easy to use. In addition, Lingo Arcade is based on the approach that the most effective way to learn a language – intuitively and without translations. The games make you learn and memorize new information by creating mental pictures.

With Lingo Arcade, you can play whenever and wherever you want. Learning Spanish will feel just like a game! You can start Lingo Arcade and test the first level for free. If you enjoy learning Spanish by playing games, you should check out the 7 Best Free Spanish Learning Games!


  • Easy and fun
  • Good to learn vocabulary


  • Might get a bit boring as it’s very repetitive
  • No explanations
  • Layout quite outdated

$ 0.99 to unlock all 150 levels

As you can see, so many apps can build up your basics in the Spanish language. You can expand your vocabulary, improve your reading and writing skills, and gain more familiarity with the language, all of which support your learning process.

But if you feel like the approach these Spanish learning apps use is not in-depth enough or lacks structure and grammatical explanations, then you should think about switching to Spanish online courses.

learn spanish online
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Want to learn more?

We have picked the Best Online Spanish Courses available so you don’t get lost in research.

As you have probably realized by now, most of these Spanish learning apps and courses, lack a very important component when it comes to learning a language.

Practicing by speaking is single-handedly the fastest and most effective way to ACTUALLY learn Spanish.

In fact, according to an article by Forbes, one of Duolingo’s executives has been studying Spanish for 6 months with the company app. He has been asked “¿Hablas español?”, only to answer with a confused, “Could you repeat that?”

Are you ready to take your learning more seriously? Do you want to SPEAK SPANISH like a pro when you’re in that job interview, or traveling around different countries?

If you want to fill this gap and are motivated enough to take your Spanish to the next level, consider taking online classes in Spanish with native teachers.

The classes with Let’s Speak Spanish use top-notch teaching materials built on the best virtual software to give you the classroom experience from your own home. All our lessons are communicative and interactive, so you will not get bored while learning Spanish!

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​​Would you like to take your Spanish to the next level?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re an advanced student, with us you’ll reach the next level of Spanish quickly and easily. With 24 Levels to Spanish fluency, the next level is always close by, so you will never lose motivation.

You can choose between:

In both cases, you’ll learn Spanish using our successful 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency® and our unique Spanish teaching methods.

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