Easy Spanish Songs – Learning the Fun Way!

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easy spanish songs
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Turn Up the Music and Level Up Your Spanish

More and more popular Spanish songs have been conquering worldwide charts in the last few years. We all know them, everyone hums them, but how are we supposed to understand what they are actually singing

When we hear “Despacito” on the radio, it’s the rhythm and good vibes that catch our attention in that moment, not the actual message or the lyrics behind every single line. However, if you want to learn Spanish, that’s exactly the part you should pay attention to: the Spanish song lyrics

The great thing about using popular Spanish songs to learn the language is that it comes naturally and authentically – once you understand how! 

Benefits of Learning Spanish With Songs

We all know the struggle… studying hard, working that grammar, memorizing vocabulary,… and when we finally want to use what we have been working on so hard, we fail. We are left without words or we don’t understand what’s being asked. A situation like this one is demotivating and makes us want to give up on learning Spanish. 

If you choose to learn Spanish with music, you won’t become a professional Spanish speaker overnight, but easy Spanish songs can definitely help you to improve your language flow and to speak authentically.

Vocabulary coach

Endless vocabulary lists are a thing from the past. If you have that one song stuck in your head, and you just can’t get it out, take a minute and search for the lyrics. Replay the song and start reading along. Make sure to translate the lyrics and read again, and one more time! 

Understanding lyrics won’t just tell you the story behind the song, you will recognize some words you might already know and find a completely new meaning to them.

Authentic pronunciation

Reading Spanish lyrics out loud can really help you to learn Spanish with music. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will start singing along automatically, not humming, singing! And before you know you’ve learned a handful of new, practical vocabulary and worked on your pronunciation as well! 

The great thing is that you not only get to hear dull listening comprehension exercises, but learn to understand and speak as authentically as native speakers. The more you listen and sing along, the better your feeling for the language and the tone gets. At some point, you will even start to understand slang words or dialects and you will be able to recognize the origin of the artist. 

And all you need to do is read and sing along. There is no need to sit down and bulk every single line… you’ll subconsciously memorize the Spanish lyrics and the right pronunciation in no time and whenever they play that catchy song on the radio, it’s your time to shine!

Entertaining grammar lessons

You can not only practice listening comprehension and broaden your vocabulary with the help of easy Spanish songs, they can be a tool to improve grammar knowledge. There are many helpful websites, like this oneout there with various Spanish songs related to specific grammar topics – for example, future, gerund or past tense. Put your headphones in and get started!

Subconscious memorization

Due to the synaptic formations in our brains, which are stimulated by the melody and lyrics of music. We memorize vocabulary and sentences better than through rote learning. 

Our whole body remembers the Spanish song: Our heads nod to the beat of music, our feet tap and the lips pronounce Spanish words. Oftentimes, we see pictures in your mind or even make up our own little music video in our head. Each song creates a certain feeling within us!

Dive into new cultures

When reading the lyrics to a Spanish song while listening to it, you will not only learn new words, but also come across expressions that you might already know. Easy Spanish songs are a great way to understand the Spanish language in different contexts and scenarios

Spanish songs have the reputation of being dramatic, sexual and romantic, and there are with no doubt endless Spanish love songs out there that will teach you the Spanish way of love, but there is a lot more to Spanish music than just booty shaking. 

The hispanic cultural space is incredibly large and therefore has countless different cultures, accents, traditions, difficulties, values and accents. These factors are a huge influence on music and each cultural space presents and processes its everyday problems, feelings and enthusiasm in its music.  Also political or economic grievances are often criticized in the form of music.

Men playing spanish music
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Calle 13, a group from Puerto Rico, gives profound insight in the culture and history of Latin America. Especially their song “Latinoamérica” reflects issues like poverty, pride and justice.

Check the lyrics here.

You can understand a lot about a country or a region through its music, it gives us insight into the culture and history of its people. 

Here is a very small collection of different latino music styles featuring famous artists:

  • Salsa – Celia Cruz
  • Bachata – Romeo Santos
  • Tango – Carlos Gardel
  • Merengue – Juan Luis Guerra
  • Latin Pop – Enrique Iglesias
  • Mexican – Selena
  • Latin Urban Music (Reggaeton) – Daddy Yankee
  • Latin Rock – Café Tacuba
  • Cumbia – Damas Gratis

12 Easy Spanish Songs

Of course there are many more music styles out there and everybody can find some easy Spanish songs to sing along… but to make it easier for you, we collected 12 Spanish songs that are easy to understand and also include lyrics. 

Remember that with the help of easy Spanish songs you can expand your knowledge not only at the lower levels, but at all levels of the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency!

infografico de los niveles
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The songs listed below correspond to the A1 and A2 levels of our 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency. You can find the name of the song, the artist and the grammar focus of each song. Knowing what the songs can help you with, will make your learning more successful. Also, don’t miss our learning tips at the end of this post!

Level A1

Pedro Navaja – Rubén Blades – (Presente de indicativo)

Te conozco – Ricardo Arjona – (Presente de indicativo)

Limón y Sal – Julieta Venegas – (Presente de indicativo)

Me gustas tú – Manu Chao – (Verbo “me gusta”)

El chico del apartamento 512 – Selena – (Presente de indicativo)

Darte un beso – Prince Royce – (Presente de indicativo)

La camisa negra – Juanes – (Presente de indicativo)

Color Esparanza – Luis Torres (Presente de indicativo)

Level A2

Y no hago más na – El Gran Combo – (Verbos reflexivos)

Un buen día – Los Planetas – (Pretérito perfecto de indicativo)

Madre tierra – Chayanne (Imperativo)

Yo no sé mañana – Luis Enrique – (Futuro simple)

You can explore more songs and find inspiration with our Spotify Playlist. Also on Spotify, you can find many songs, artists and subgenres of latin music under the genre “Latin”.

5 Tips for Learning Spanish With Easy Songs

1. Find your jam

Music is supposed to be a loyal companion throughout your learning journey. So keep it real and choose songs and genres that you might already like in your native language.

There is no point in listening to songs that you don’t even really like. If you do that, you will have very little learning success and you will be demotivated very quickly.

2. Read the lyrics

Play your new favorite Spanish song and pull out the song lyrics. Simultaneous listening and reading appeals to several senses and a higher degree of stimulation causes an increase in learning success.

3. Take it slow

Even though you probably won’t ever hear anybody talk like that in everyday life, we recommend you to start off with Spanish love songs or ballads, as they usually have a more moderate paste and therefore a clearer, slower and easier pronunciation.

It’s probably not the best idea to begin with artists like Daddy Yankee right away, because let’s be honest, normal people can’t even think as fast as he raps.

For the beginning, we advise you to listen to easy Spanish love songs and later upgrade to faster songs or other genres.

4. Look out for the familiar

If you are a beginner you should search for words you already know before figuring out what the other, unknown words mean. This method can help you to deepen already existing knowledge and to expand your vocabulary. You’ll see that after a few songs you’ll recognize more and more words!

5. Level up

If you’re already a more advanced learner, you can take the whole thing  to the next level: Write down what you hear and then check the text! This way you can kill two birds with one stone: You’ll practice your listening comprehension and spelling at the same time… and of course your vocabulary!

Learning Spanish with the help of easy songs is a great way to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and listening comprehension in an authentic and fun way.

But if you get tired of all the Spanish songs, you can also try out some Spanish Podcasts. There are many Podcasts out there to help you improve your Spanish. Check out our own Podcast for Spanish learners!

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easy spanish songs
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