Top 25 Easy Spanish Songs [2022] Learn With Popular Music

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Turn Up the Music and Level Up Your Spanish

More and more Spanish songs are conquering worldwide charts in the last few years. We all know them, everyone hums them, but how are we supposed to understand what they are actually singing?

When we hear “Despacito” on the radio, it’s the rhythm and good vibes that catch our attention at that moment. It’s not the actual message or the lyrics behind every single line. But, if you want to learn Spanish, that’s exactly the part you should pay attention to. The Spanish song lyrics!

The great thing about using popular and easy Spanish songs to learn the language: it comes in a natural and fun way!

Why Music Is An Effective Way To Learn Spanish

We all know the struggle. We are studying hard, working that grammar, memorizing vocabulary. And when we finally want to use what we have been working on so hard, we fail. We are without words or we don’t understand what’s asked.

These Spanish songs get stuck in our heads. You hear a song one time and you can’t stop humming the melody. Catchy tunes can help you learn Spanish! 

There are a lot of audiobooks and Spanish dialogues you can listen to, but nothing is as much fun and gets you in a good mood as listening to music! With easy Spanish songs, you can practice your listening comprehension whenever and wherever you want to.

It doesn’t matter if you are riding the train, driving your car, or playing sports. You can even listen to music while drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning. Music can be everywhere!

Spanish Love Songs - The Best Vocabulary Trainer

Endless vocabulary lists are a thing from the past. If you have that one song stuck in your head, and you just can’t get it out, take a minute and search for the lyrics. Replay the song and start reading along.

Make sure to translate the lyrics and read again, and one more time! Forget about beefing up on vocabulary and boring grammar! Learn la lengua española with music you love!

Get The Local Slang With Easy Spanish Songs

You may have had this experience one time or another. You’ve learned a lot of vocabulary and grammar, read articles and done translations. Then you visit the country and you don’t understand the world anymore. Half of the words sound strange to you and when you say a correct sentence, people give you confused looks.

Learning authentic pronunciation through grammar books is impossible. In Spanish songs, by contrast, there are many commonly-used phrases and vocabulary. So from the beginning, you get a feeling for the language and its rhythm.

The more you listen and sing along, the better your feeling for the language and the tone gets. With no effort, you will memorize the Spanish lyrics and the right pronunciation in no time. At some point, you will even start to understand slang words or dialects!

Grammar doesn’t have to be boring

With easy Spanish songs, you can not only practice listening and vocabulary. A lot of songs can also help you to improve your knowledge of grammar.

For example:

For example, you can practice Presente de indicativo with the song La camisa negra. Learn reflexive verbs with Y no hago más na by El Gran Combo. Also, Yo no sé mañana is perfect to learn the future tense!

Why Music Is Subconscious Memorization

Due to the synaptic formations in our brains, which are stimulated by the melody and lyrics of music we memorize vocabulary and sentences better than through rote learning. 

Your whole body remembers the Spanish song: Our heads nod to the beat of the music, our feet tap and our lips pronounce Spanish words.

Oftentimes, we see pictures in our minds or even make up our own little music videos. Each song creates a certain feeling within us!

Dive into the Spanish culture

It doesn’t matter if it’s Mexican, Argentinian, or Andalusian. Get to know different dialects by listening to native musicians. 

You not only get a feeling for the everyday language, but you also get to know the culture. How do South Americans deal with lovesickness, how do the Spanish celebrate?

The singers sing about their lives and you can learn Spanish along the way. Spanish songs have the reputation of being dramatic, sexual, and romantic. There are with no doubt endless Spanish love songs out there that will teach you the Spanish way of romance.

The Hispanic cultural space has so many different cultures, traditions, and accents. These factors are a huge influence on music. With music, cultural spaces present their everyday problems, feelings, and ideas.  Often, political or economic grievances are often criticized too.

The 25 Best Easy Spanish Songs

Of course, there are many more music styles out there and everybody can find some easy Spanish songs to sing along to. 

In the following list, you will find the best songs to learn Spanish with subtitles. Be careful, they could be catchy tunes! These are hits for a good mood, Reggaeton, and much more. Listen to our countdown and you will be fluent soon!

25. Musica Ligera - Ana Mena

24. Tacones Rojos - Sebastián Yatra

23. Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony

22.Bailando - Enrique Iglesias

21. Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

20. La Cintura - Alvaro Soler

19. Hasta El Amanecer - Nicky Jam

18. El Taxi - Osmani Garcia

17. No Me Acuerdo - Thalía y Natti Natasha

16. La Bicicleta - Shakira, Carlos Vives

15. Danza Kaduro - Don Omar

14. Subeme La Radio - Enrique Iglesias

13. Loco Contigo - DJ Snake, J Balvin, Tyga

12. No Se Habla De Bruno - Encanto

11. Cuestión De Suerte - Natalia Lacunza

10. Indigo - Camilo & Evaluna Montaner

9. Sofia - Alvaro Soler

8. Limón y Sal - Julieta Venegas

7. Me gustas tú - Manu Chao

6. La camisa negra - Juanes

5. Sin Pijama - Becky G, Natta Natasha

4. Aura - Ozuna

3. Safari - J Balvin ft. Pharell Williams, Bia, Sky

2. Con Altura - Rosalía, J Balvin

1. Escapáte Conmigo - Ozuna, Wisin

5 Tips For Your Learning Success With Songs

Before you start listening to your first Spanish song, have a look at these tips:

  1. Choose songs you love! The song should make you dance. The melody should stay in your head and the rhythm should go through your whole body. Then you will also remember the words. You will listen to the song again and again. 
  2. In the beginning, you should switch on the subtitles. This way, you can read the lyrics with the right words.
  3. Go for calm songs like ballads, with clear pronunciation. They are slower and easier to understand than rap songs. After improving your listening you’ll understand hip-hop songs too!
  4. If you are a beginner you should search for words you already know. After that, you look up the unknown words. With this method, you can increase your vocabulary step by step. 
  5. Advanced learners can go one level higher. Write down what you hear and control the lyrics after that. Kill two birds with one stone! You practice your listening comprehension and your orthography at the same time!

You see, there are a lot of possibilities to learn Spanish through easy Spanish songs. You just have to choose your catchy tune and you will become a real Spanish professional!

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Learning Spanish with the help of easy songs is a great way to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and listening comprehension in an authentic and fun way.

But if you get tired of all the Spanish songs, you can also try out some Spanish Podcasts. There are many Podcasts out there to help you improve your Spanish. Check out our own Podcast for Spanish learners!

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