Canarian Vocabulary and Expressions

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Are your holidays in the Canary Islands coming up and you want to understand the locals? Would you like to discover the typical words that will help you to integrate better? If you are going to visit or spend some time among Canarian people, you should know that the Spanish of the Canary Islands has many things in common with the Spanish of America, but, as in every country and region, there is certain vocabulary and expressions that are exclusive or frequently used in the Islands that you should know in order to speak with the locals without any fuss. Don’t forget to smile and that you shouldn’t be offended if they call you mi niño or mi niña (my child), even if you are 150 years old. It’s just a friendly and affectionate way that we Canarians use regardless of the relationship or age of the person we are talking to. Are you ready to be more Canarian than gofio? Keep reading!

Canarian vocabulary - A to Z

We’ve created an A to Z guide to dive into Canarian culture through some of the most unique and useful words.


Canarian expressions

Now that you’ve seen the vocabulary it’s time to take a step further and learn a few phrases to sound like a local.

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