Canarian music for beginners

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Music makes everything better and lighter. So… what better way of keep learning and improving your Spanish and your listening skills than with music? Beside all of this if you want to understand Canarian culture better, but you prefer to do it in a more informal way, here is a list with some of the most relevant and representative artists and songs of the islands.

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6 Songs about the Canary Islands

Many has sang about the Canary Islands, about their beauty and the wonderful lifestyle Canarian people have. Here you have our top picks for rendition songs to Canarian paradise.  

Vivo en un archipiélago, versión de Moisés González

Siete puertas, Pedro Guerra 

8 Maravillas, Nia

Islas Canarias, Los Sabandeños

3718, Soul Sanet

Mojo picón, Caco Senante

Let’s check your listening skills with a few questions about this first 6 songs.


Songwriters with a Canarian accent

Many singers and songwriter from these islands have reached national or even international success. With their mellow accent and the styles fusion we’ve gathered three of our favourites. 

Sin miedo, Rosana

Guerrera, Valeria Castro

Prenderé una velita, Marilia Monzón

Pop music made in the Canary Islands

Pop music is the most listened worldwide, and some Canarian singers and a few bands have successfully got a few of their songs into the national hit charts. We’ve picked 5 of the hits of the last two decades. 

Pan y mantequilla, Efecto Pasillo

Mi paraíso, El VegaLife

Cachito, Agoney

Tik Tak, Ana Guerra

Dos extraños, St. Pedro

Urban beats with a Canarian twist

Maybe you’re more into urban music and pop is just not your cup of tea. Don’t worry we got you covered with 4 of the most representative urban artist of the last decades from the Canary Islands. This is the perfect section for more advanced learners to check their listening skills. Enjoy!

Quédate, Quevedo y BZRP

No te vistas que no vas, K-narias

El Boogaloo, Real El Canario

Criminal, Ptazeta

Let’s finished this musical post with a couple of interactive exercises to check your advanced comprehension skills. 

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