6 Songs to Master the Imperative Forms in Spanish

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After all the work you’ve put into learning the grammar with our series Imperative Forms in Spanish, it’s about time we have some fun with all we’ve learned so far. So get ready to sing along and practise all that content you’ve seen. Singing is a great way to learn vocabulary while practising grammar content and pronunciation in a really fun way. 

In this post you'll find:

Wait a second… Have you missed any of our previous posts about imperative forms in Spanish? Don’t worry! Just click on any of the links bellow and keep learning with us!


If you want to practise the imperative forms in a fun way, here you have a selection of songs where you can hear examples of all you’ve learned in this post. Let’s sing!

Do you dare to dance to this reggaeton filled with rhythm and humor? In this modern classic the Puerto Rican group ‘Calle 13’ address classy women about the infectious beat of reggaeton and dares them to leave themself to dance and enjoy this music freely and without prejudices.

Uruguayan singer and songwriter Jorge Drexler, and Mexican singer and songwriter Mon Laferte bring us a song charged with love, lust, and anticipation. “Dame una noche de asilo” (“Give me a night of shelter”) is what these lovers ask to each other. 

This Spanish indie pop band tells the story of a couple who meets on San Juan’s Eve for a night of love. This waltz with a modern twist is full of metaphors and it’s another perfect way to practise the imperative forms in Spanish. The official music video shows perfectly what the song is all about. Enjoy!

OT or Operación Triunfo is a reality/talent show which started in 2001. In its second season the stars from the first one came back to sing duets with the contestants of that year’s season. One of the most successful ones was the the duet by the international David Bisbal and the contestant Elena Gadel. The story is not very original and the lyrics are quite toxic to today’s standards. However, it still remains a classic from the early 00’s. 

One of the most iconic Spanish groups of all times, Los Secretos, wrote a song about heartbreak which became a true hymn of broken hearts. In the year 2000, a group of singers came together to record a new version as an homage to the beloved group, whose singer had passed away the previous year. 

It might not be the deepest story, but its lyrics are really catchy. It’s a song about a woman named Salomé whose dance moves are worthy of a song. Let’s dance!

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